Indominus Rex Gen 3 (Suggestion)

What’s your thoughts?

(God, I just realize that on the [Alert : Gen 3 Cloak] there’s Shield for 100% that’s a mistake. Sorry

With the potential inclusion of indoneyms i don’t think we need another i rex creature


I just hope they buff Indom Gen 2 lol, Gen 2 Indo in JWTG have bigger hp, a bit less attack. But in this game, they nerf her so badly lmao

no more indoms please, we have enough :skull:


Indom gen 2 is fine. She’s an epic and she’s balanced.
Most epic hybrids are balanced.

Actually she’s unchanged since release except for resistances and maybe a few stats
It’s just powercreep that’s all and it happens in JWTG too

Literally only argenteryx is unbalanced in my opinion

Honestly I think it’s fine

I think it has one to many heals, since I often need to swap out when I go up against the thing