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Indominus rex gyrosphere tips and trick

Here you can post you match and some tip for the indominus rex gyro
for people that are terrible at the game and cant win it(like me)

Yes here
Thanks for making it

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This is some tips from @FiddleTheDiddle

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The 4th battle might be the amphibian carnivore herbivore one, so, yeah my memory isn’t that great


My battles

First was a level 9 indoraptor gen 1, pretty easy, got hit once then took it out.


Still pretty easy


Was a bit tricky but won by sacrificing lower level presto and most of brachi

Fourth lost this

Maybe could have won this if I had brought yudon instead of brachi as fodder, ahh well.

is there 4 or 5 battle???


5 battles

ok guys just started
Its an aquatic and pretty good creature

I just lost !!!
:sob: :sob: :sob: :scream: :scream: :scream:

lost 3x i give up


Yeah its a waste, should not had touch it
I am so dumb!!!
The ai did not do the parern and attack without knowing how much block I had, also the ai didnt block when I factored in the block and block when I did not factor in the block

Did not get the one I lost because I was raging

I just beat it. I only was able to do it because the ai got stuck in the 3 attack 1 block loop for like 10-20 turns.

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have to be brave to spend 1000 bucks on the gyrosphere without the certainty of victory…

the best tip is to avoid losing creatures early on and sacrifice them only as a last resort.


This event is absolutely terrible, and blatantly designed to be impossible. Overall I’ve wasted 3000 DB on this, the first play though my final battle consisted of 2 Max Info minus’ and a lvl 10 Indoraptor when my best creature I selected was a level 30 Metaposaurus, keep in mine I did have 3 other amphibians but they were all level 30 legendaries so they got one shot or two shot by indominus, my second run through the final battle consisted of two max tylosaurs, when my best creature was a level 19 tylosaur, and my final battle consisted of a max Henodus, a Max Plotosaurus, and a max Giant Orthicone, when my best creature was a level 6 henodus. I understand an Indominus is a good reward, but making the battles objectively impossible is terribl


The final battle was a level 100+ ammonite, level 40 edustus and level 30 hainosaurus. I beat it with 2 fodder and a level 21+ henodus that was 1 shot away from death.

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How are you getting such high level creatures? My aquatic creatures have never even been over lvl 20, but I’m facing level 50-70 legendaries and level 40 VIPS

Tbh that was my only high level if i remember correctly I had a level 7 tylo a level 20 suchodus and some more creatures of that level.

Dang still crazier then the rest of my aquatics. My first aquatic draft I had two level 5 legendaries.

To me, this event goes to show Ludia still dislikes actually rewarding their players. You put in this extremely costly event, especially in present day with how uncommon bucks are, and then you make it incredibly hard to win. Just tells me they’re only focusing on thinking of ways to get us to spend our resources so we’ll spend more money, instead of actually focusing on ways we could be rewarded.