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Indominus rex Gyrosphere

How hard is this event that starts tomorrow and is it worth doing? I have a lot of level 30’s legendaries and level 10 VIP’s just wanted to know before I waste Dino bucks on it.

Since it is a Gyrosphere event you will not use any of your own creatures but will be able to pick from a changing list of creatures to create your team. On the difficulty side no one knows at this point except the developers.

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For a good chance at up to 300 dinobucks plus an I-rex, this could be Death Dodo revisited

I have 3000 bux now do u guys think I should do it usually I only do the normal gyrosphere when there is the exiting glitch but now without it I don’t want to do it as I will lose

And never mind


Yup 1,000 DB is a bit rich but then again the reward being an Indominus Rex is pretty good. Still going to pass on it though.


Anyone done this? Can’t decide if it’s worth it because I don’t want to lose out on 1,000 db

I did! Took me about three tries but maybe you’ll have better luck than me. For the record, the other three cards in the pack were 500 DNA a piece, and it gave me I think 585 loyalty points. The pack you win for coming close are terrible, though. But I had close to 33,000 DBs when I started so I had a few to burn. Good luck!

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It is really difficult event . I lost1000 bucks for nothing .

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Thanks for the info. Now I am sure that I’m going to skip this one.


It was very difficult. Made it to the final round with one Dino at half health. Waste of 1000 DB so I’m going to skip it.

I spent 3000 bucks, thinking I could win an Indominus, but failed. Started playing in August so I really thought this event could help speed up my progress a little faster.