Indominus Rex has got to be the most op dino

No matter what you do even to swing away or slow this dinosaur down you cant. Its immune. So you cant diminish its attack and you cant stun it, cant slow it down. And it hits for on average 3200 damage. How do you combat it? You Lose easily 2 dinosaurs to it no matter what. It’s the most OP thing I’ve seen in a game in a long time. For reals

i wish i had a maxxed out irex. he is very scary. i agree lots of power and with cloak at that level… fugitaboutit. but at lower levels… ez use a shielder or nullyfying. anticipate his cloak and switch to a shielder


Shield or nullify :+1:


Shields counter it. Nullifying counters it. Dodging it counters it.

And even if you don’t specifically bring a counter to it, certain dinosaurs have 40%, 25%, 35% and 20% chances to obliterate it.

If you want to point fingers at overpowered almost uncounterable abominations, you may want to look in the direction of Diloracheirus and Trykosaurus. Maybe Dracorex Gen 2.


Also, there is a certain dinosaur from the latest update that specifically eats I-Rex alive.

Hint: it is very similar to the one that ended Indominus at the end of Jurassic World.

I guess you haven’t faced Erlidominus yet, huh?


It is good but mine is frequently bested by dinosaurs with shield or nullify. There are plenty of ways to best it if you can plan for it on your team.


Trykosaurus says hi


Utarinex is bugging me a lot lately…

Mosasaurus? :joy:


Love using my Tryko against it

Obviously not Dracorex but at least two of them are unobtainable for the masses

Mosasaurus is not a dinosaur :roll_eyes:
I didn’t mean her.

My level 20 suchotator almost always beats indominous rex of levels 16-20. Mostly because people error and try to cloak.

If I can, I use my Alanqa to take out I.rex, though I haven’t battled since the update. I’ll have to try out the Alankylosaurus once I finally shift my butt back into the arena.

It’s cloak is not infallible! When it fails it is dead from most attacks because the majority of dinosaurs in the game are faster!

If hes worried about Indom he will be shocked when he finds out a lot of people bench it because its not good enough to compete higher up


i feel bad saying it but i dont even like indo anymore. to evasive dependent.


I-rex is actually one of the most balanced dinos in the game. Lol


It’s not OP, OP. The main reason is because it isn’t OP. If you can’t get by an Indom the majority of the time you are UP.