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Indominus rex in the wild?

Im out all day and did you know how much indominus gen2 i saw?
0 irex gen 2. I spend about 5 hours in searching for irex but unsuccessful :cry:. Maybe its night dino​:thinking::night_with_stars:. If someone can help me I will be very grateful!


Doesn’t spawn in the wild, I presume.

It’s supposed to spawn on Saturdays, like it says in-game.

Ah makes sense, I don’t have it yet, lol. Thanks for the knowledge!

hybrid spawn? :scream:

Tho it is a Saturday spawn, it’s a hybrid on top of being an epic. Hybrids will typically have a lower spawn rate. On Thursdays, how many purutaurus do you see? Or even edmontoguanodon on Firdays and Proceratho on Tuesdays? It will take some luck to find.


It’s an epic hybrid. Its spawn rate is very low.

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