Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, and Scorpios Rex Builds

So, I just wanted to make this topic to see what your builds or future builds are for Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, and Scorpios Rex. Here are my future builds:

Indominus Rex: 3/15/12
Indominus Rex Gen 2: 8/10/12
Indoraptor: 0/19/11
Indoraptor Gen 2: 0/15/15
Scorpios Rex: 11/11/8
Scorpios Rex Gen 2: 0/15/15
Scorpios Rex Gen 3: 10/12/8

Feel free to mention other builds if you want, I’m curious

I personally would recommend quite a bit less speed on Scorpios Gen 3. Mine long-term will look something like 12/15/3

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The only reason I have it with such high speed is because I can stack the ambush speed and counter that of Toura’s Acceleration. But more attack on Scorpios gen 3 is a great idea

Why would you even want to counter Tuora’s speed? Scorp beats it faster or not, and Tuora is not even a pvp creature, so a fight between those two is rare.

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dont use indoraptor… dont boost it al least later youll see its bad

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It helps me takedown Indominus Rex. Well, gen 2 does… Gen 1 tho, not really

If you wanna take out Indominus, there are a bunch of more viable options to choose from for doing so. Indoraptor is among the worst uniques in the game, and it’s the reason why so many of the people that invest into it get stuck in aviary.

Makes sense. What do you suggest?

Quetzorion probably has the best matchup against Indominus out of all the uniques, but other creatures like Troodoboa, Antarctovenator, Compsocaulus, Ardontognathus, and Albertocevia can usually kill Indom as well. Ankylodactylus is also probably the best legendary option for killing Indom, as well as most other pure fierce.

Quetz is hard for me to get at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I’d ignore an oppertunity like that. But What about my build for indo gen 2? Do you think it could stand a chance against Indoms and Indotaurus?

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With all honesty, the only good creature from your whole list is Scorpios Gen 3, the others are either useless or can’t hold up with what we currently have in the meta. If what you want are meta viable options, don’t waste your resources on the others, look for other stuff like Parasauthops, Indotaurus or even Albertospinos.

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