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Indominus Rex is better than Indoraptor and Erlidominus

Yes. You read the title, but I have good reasoning.

Indoraptor shined in being a fast tank buster. These days, that ability has been taken away. Its really only good for taking out pure chompers.

Erlidominus was an immune damage dealer. It can be slowed, taking that advantage away. It also loses so many matchups, it begins losing to argentinosaurus of all things.

Indominus can break shields and pierce armor. The other two can’t break shields, although one can pierce armor as well. On its own, it’s not going to be great. Dump speed and attack on it, it becomes a bit more powerful. Not going to be the best thing ever but at least out-performs its superhybrids.

Do you think the Indominus superhybrids aren’t worth the effort anymore? Share your thoughts and keep this going.


I would still say erlidom is better because it can deal with everything that can’t slow and slower than it


I have Erli and Gen 1 (My highest lvl Dino) in my team, they seem pretty weak now, am working on other Dinos that will probably replace them when they are at a respectable lvl

I agree it’s much better than both Indoraptors but I’m not sure with Erlidom at this stage.

Erlidom shines in strike towers and boss battles, and although it’s cloak is no longer much use, having a distracting move is nice.

Let’s face it, Indoms cloak is about as much use as a hole in a bucket too, so it’s a matter of which does the most damage turn one really. You could argue that because Indom breaks shields it will get 2 moves in while Erlidom just gets the one against a shielded Maxi, but Erlidom will do more with that first hit and can swap out to a rat or a bleeder.


Thats how the company slaps you and says “the hell with your dinos! Spend if you want new ones!”. But yeah theyre are useless now

Well now daryx can defeat erlidom


If you talk utility, yes Erlidom is good at it, just not as good as it as, say, Quetzorion or something of that nature. And there aren’t many fierce creatures anymore, so Erlidom has almost no place besides aviary and the low library to get rid of things like Thor, but on its own is really too easily countered.

I find my level 27 Indoraptor not doing too well in the arena. :sweat_smile:. Resilient abilities are definitely Indoraptor’s worst nightmare, and there seems to be an abundant of those in the meta right now. Maybe immunity to speed reduction would help her out a bit.

The loss of a shield breaking ability was also crippling, :confused:. I’m still working on adjusting her in my team though, as I already spent too much resources and time on her, I don’t want to put her on the bench just yet. :sweat_smile:.


Mine has 4254 health and does 2040 damage so it’ll hit Maxi with 3400 damage without a crit and will take a hit from it before swapping into a bleeder so it’s not really just there to take out Thor.
But I do have to say that I am really struggling to make a good argument for it…
And that is a real shame

And yet i see people boosting both indo gen2 and og indo through the roof. Like really? We got a reset…


Some just don’t learn. One opponent lost his level 29 indo out of cockiness, and his erlidom didn’t do great either.

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Which is not too much,Erlidominus even sucks as a rampager, because of the slowing, by most creatures.

Indoraptors make hard work of a Miragaia now :joy:

Indom does a way better job against maxima tho
Like this: maxima killed something, indom comes in:
Turn 1
Max: greater thagomizer
Indom: revenge cloak(asumimg it dodges)
Turn 2
Max: resilient strike
Indom: armor piercing rampage
Turn 3
Max: Dsr
Indom: armor piercing impact
Turn 4
Max: resilient strike
Indom :k.o

Max wins if Indom doesn’t get a critt on any attack, left with 750hp

It’s main job is s revenge killer, and it counters one of the best speedsters: mags. Indom is just too slow to do much

@SonicNTGD While I do agree that Indom is better than its hybrids (for the current situation), its still not a safe investment. Its just a matter of time before Resilient Creatures are nerfed and the amount of those said creatures are lessened. So in my opinion, while neither are really viable in the arenas right now, its still a safe bet that some day, Erlidom and Indo will soon get their deserved buff.