Indominus rex is bugged


First of all sorry for my bad english.
I think indominus rex stealth is bugged some times, i lost a lot battles trusting in doing stealth when my ind rex was low life but he fail the skill and i die. Is the stealth work for % or is a bug?
Some one have same issues whit it??


Only 50% Dodge chance


I mean fail casting the skill, no the dodge chance, if you try to cast for second time the skill you dont get stealth sometimes and die


I thought that is just a graphic bug or something else, but not because of your cloak skill didn’t work.

Try to explain this issue in another way:
If your camouflage effect don’t appear, that means your Indomirex just can’t dodge opponent’s next attack (for 50% chance), and will be directly killed in this turn.

There are some similarly graphic bug in this game.
If that dinosaur will just die in this turn, then some skill effect of that dying dino used in this turn will be skipped.


Cabt explain very well cause my english is bad but i try.
If i cast camouflage for first time work as intended i get camouflage and have 50% of dodge 2 turns. But if i swap low life indominus and i get it out in next dinosaur turn i cast camouflage but i dont get the effect so the enemy hit me 100% and i die. Happens to me severals time breaking my strategic also happen the enemy a lot of times too, making me win.
Pd: i fought whit you in arena dome times, im ELITERaboSaur xd


When using Stealth or Camo, you get 50% chance of dodging the attack. The only bug I encountered would be if that turn you use the Stealth and it won’t dodge, it shows as Indominus won’t become transparent. Kinda like you know you will get hit for sure and die LOL. Mostly happens in second use of Stealth.


Thats what i want to say, look a bug because in the description of skill do t say nothing about chance to fail the camouflage


Everyone seems to not understand. He doesn’t even cast the skill. He doesn’t go stealth. The skill just completely fails even before being attacked.


I’m experiencing this as well but what happens is it works the first time but if I get a chance to use it again for a 2nd time it fails and doesn’t even initiate cloak.


Sounds like ludia need to look into this.

It should always display the camouflage effect if the move has been used, whether it’s the first use or the second use.


This happened to me a few times today. I initiated the Cloak move and nothing happens (no cloak look).

Where as every time I used to cast it, at least Indo would cloak, whether he would dodge the next two moves or not.


The same happend to me multiple times. But my guess is that it happens when indo is damaged and will be killed with the next hit.


its just a visual bug. skill works fine. its not related to indominus. any debuff or buff does not display if the dino is going to die that turn. if you cast ferocious strike you wont see the buff on your dino if your enemy will kill you before your next turn. you dont see shields get put up if youre going to die either. doesnt mean they failed (you still see reduced dmg without seeing the physical shield).


That explains why when my Velociraptor uses Pounce I sometimes don’t see its decrease attack debuff applied then.