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Indominus Rex is far better than Indoraptor

Come on, Ludia! Give Indoraptor a buff. It’s got lower stats on all but the speed, and the attacks/resistances are just pure downgrades from Indominus. And no revenge? Why?

Perhaps something like…


Reduced Damage goes from 75% to 50%. Speed decrease from 0% to 50%. Indominus Rex has a whopping 7 resistances/immunities, so adding a partial speed decrease is nothing in comparison.

Most importantly, Indoraptor now has a revenge attack, just like Indominus Rex.


imo indo doesn’t need a buff but indom needs a nerf, they need to be weaker than the average unique/legendary considering that they’re absurdly easy to create

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Would like a buff, i have enough DNA for lv30, I think it should get DSR back in turn for 0% distraction resistance since it does have a cleansing move
Screenshot_20210627-184502_JW Alive


that trade offer seems pretty fair, I like it

personally i disagree indom does not need a nerve a resistant comm stegodeus can easily handle it


well it’s too strong anyway, also “like” not “comm” french guy xP
edit: also nobody uses stegodeus

No i use
10 character

The people that say Indoraptor doesn’t need buffed obviously hasn’t realised it gets absolutely destroyed by almost everything


Bro, can’t u guys be done with nerving.

Just look at u. From the apex to the lower survivor. One word, “Nerve’em”


I think this is a decent change
Crit 20% to 30%
Other stats can stay the same
Speed decrease 50% and 67% swap prevention and 0% distraction resistance
download (18)

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Rampage is really important bro. Don’t care even if it’s defense shattering impact

Do u see how mono dies to everything as he lost his rampage. Even if ever didn’t lost his speed immune the rampage nerve is enough to let it be killed by everything.

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Only used this move because it links the 2, the revenge aspect and the rampage since the revenge version makes it a rampage.

no. i like being able to shut down indo with shields. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I honestly think Indo is fine, it’s meant to be the players first unique, and it’s style highlights that. It’s usable early on, but falls off once you meet the more exotic uniques

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As a guy who cares about indoraptor too much here’s my ideas:

-APR becomes DSR
-attack decreases by 200-300
-distraction resistance becomes 100%

-cunning strike becomes Defense shattering/fierce strike
-APR becomes cunning rampage
-speed resistance up to 30%

-APR becomes DSR
-Cunning strike becomes Fierce strike
-Critical reduction becomes 0%
-Distraction becomes 100%
-Speed resistance becomes 100%


indomimus is fine. it needs no nerf, Indomimus is supposed to be good. it is the main legendary in the game and besides it can get countered pretty easily,


indoraptor can beat indomimus rex cunning strike +evasive stance is the perfect combo for dealing with cloak

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Indoraptor is a Feirce-cunning which is suppose to beat feirce (indominus rex).

Even tho Indoraptor gets beaten by many resilent which is very disappointing and heartbreaking as they r one of the Jurrasic World super star.

Here’s my take

APR becomes DSR
Speed decrease resistance from 0% to 75%
Evasive Stance becomes Revenge Evasive Stance
Swap prevention from 0% to 100%
Crit chance 20% to 30%

Edit: I would keep its attack at 1400 if not lower

Although it might seem very strong at first, it can still be defeated by a fair bit of dinosaurs.

Skoonasaurus, Geminititan, Hadros Lux, Gorgotrebax, Haast Maximus, Ceramagnus, Diplodocus, Mammolania, Tenontorex, Magnapyritor, Erlikospyx, Scorpius rex (gen 1&3), Suchotator, Testacornibus, and Erlidominus just to name a few can all beat it if played correctly.


I agree, rampage is important