Indominus Rex is not fair!


In war balance, Indominus Rex is not fair !
The players who has Indominus rex are using the its Cloak ability in battles. After that its not so posibble to win that battle because %50 invisible ability is toooo much and not fair !!!
It must be maximum %30-%33

Soon, I will have indominus rex too but I have to create this topic to be fair everyone.



I just swap into Koolasuchus and bye bye irex


There are counters for Irex. And cloak doesn’t always work 100%. Soemtimes the dodge works only 50% of the time, sometimes it fails 100% of the time. I’ve tried using mine, and cloak isn’t fully reliable (Trex is better). Study your dinos and see who’d be a good counter. It’s all about strategy.


It is not unfair if you can use I.R. as well.


Otherwise its not fair. Thats the problem.


You have a calculation problem i think.
Indominus Rex has above 2.500 energy.
If you fail at first attack, your creature will be dead in next turn because its attacking by very huge energy.
You should be lucky minimum 2 turns in order to kill him. Thats why %50 is too hight.
Probably you have Indominus Rex and you are using it in all battles if you have :wink:
Thats why you look happy with that.


everyone’s always like… “this is so easy, i just swap to this dino and it’s game over”. lol… who says you have that dino on your team of 4 for that battle?


I don’t use her actually. Once I started using cloak and learned how much of a gamble it is (see original post), I stopped. The Trex is much better by comparison. You’ll see once you have your own Irex and it goes down because cloak fails and the rapotrs laugh at it.


Cloak should be used as a last resort, it does pretty sufficient dmg out of it too. You pop cloak in arena 8 when it’s not in favor or when it’s predictable prepare to be countered.


I guess. I’ve tried using her as a starter, but it didn’t go over well. Tried mid-battle, bad idea. I was gonna use her as an extra rex, but nah.


I hover between 3500 and 3800 . I’m level 13 ( just ) and I find if I have IRex in my 4 to fight with , I win most of the time . If I don’t get him , I win way less often . I don’t always use cloak as it’s risky , but when it works it’s a guaranteed win on my level . I guess at level 8 in battles there will be plenty of counters for it , but for now I love it .


That was exactly what I have tried to say :wink:
Thanks Schtemty
If you have IRex, probably you will win the battle in most of time :+1:


Once you have a dino with nullifying abilities you will find out the evasive and cloaking abilities become worthless. The cloaking can force your loss because you lose a turn after using it. It really comes down to your 4 dinos the system gives you to battle with and knowing the best strategy. Personally I rarely load my Irex in my battle 8 because its slow speed.


I have not yet Indominus Rex in my team, but I also think it is beatable. I have in my team both Tanicolagreo and Suchotator. Their nullifying ability take out cloak and also the 2x next attack. Suchotator has also instant cripple that can absorb Indom attacks. :wink:

And, yes, sometimes I face Indom without Tany or Sucho in my 4 team, that’s luck… Sometimes we win, sometimes we loose :relaxed:


Yeah, if you’re facing noobs who don’t know how to counter it. Counters are available for players even in the lower arenas.

But the thing is, if you’re facing noobs, you’ll win with or without Indominus.


i usually have 2 dinos in my team of 8 that have nullifying abilities(i dunno if its called that way in english, im spanish sorry) and almost all games i have 1 of that 2 dinos in my 4 dino team… so excuses are not really good


and BTW tanycolagreus is really common.

its like RNG criers, just pick your team better and almost always you will have a dinosaur counter to most creatures in your battling team


If i rex next something is a buff, his dmg is poor vs shield tanks, he need at least the basic attack become shatering defense. Top tiers guys dont use it anymore.


Using IR requires quiet a lot of thought and strategy. Against some creatures just cloak and kill, eg stegosaurus, against others don’t cloak, e.g. Tangy and TRex others cloak when appropriate, eg Tragodistis and other IRs. You also need to know when to run.

Fighting IR is just as complex as most other creatures and if the other person doesn’t know how to use them they can be taken down.


If you use the wrong Dino against anyone it’s an unfair match. Raptor vs stego is an unfair match. Stego vs TRex is an unfair match. The key is to know who to match against who. As someone else said, battling in this game is just rock paper scissors; strength vs speed vs armour.