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Indominus Rex is OP

The Indominus Rex is overpowered (OP). My two suggestions would be: to have 1 turn delay on cloak. So he has to play one move before he can dodge. Secondly, he shouldn’t be immune to distraction and/or wounding strikes. His hit is so powerful that he nearly gauentees a win every time unless their dodge fails. It is really discouraging as a frequent player to have such an over powered dinosaur killing you every time you battle.

You do realize any tank with shield can easily beat it, right?


Yeah, you send a shield her way and she turns into a kitten. I see Indominus, I immediately swap to Megalosuchus. Indom cloaks, I toss up shield 50% chance to hit, It hits my shield, Megalo counters with 50% chance to hit again. I do ferocious strike for the kill or if the cloak managed to dodge twice, It hits my shield again, Megalo counters, it dies and we all move on with our lives.


No it is not. Folks need to learn how to counter things.


Megalo is a great counter :smile: She can take that apr like a champ haha.


I-rex is one of the most balanced dinos in the game. Lol

How many times will I have to say this? :laughing:


You can counter with tanks or nullifiers.

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Get good at the game people and stop crying nerf.


Well done @Calebrys!!!


It’s actually not that good if you find a way to protect yourself against the cloak-attack. Are you a mid-level player? Cause when we start to face legendary dinos we get the feeling that many of them are OP. I used to think that Stegodeus was OP, but after a while, I could see it wasn’t

The real problem was that, since these two (Stegod and I-Rex) were significantly easy to make, I saw then in almost every battle in Sorna Marshes… And without good counters, that was a nightmare.

Stegodeus is still a pain in the butt no matter what arena ur in

There’s plenty of indominus counters like megalosuchus, alankylosaurus, alanqa, etc.
you ask for him to have a delayed attack after cloak but he pretty much already does. His speed is 107 and so very rarely is he able to outspeed the Dino he’s going to attack after cloaking. Also even if u don’t use a shield to counter u can always nullify. Indominus is all about the cloak so it’s pretty easy to predict when he’ll use it.

Irex is just fine. people have to stop calling for nerfs and just play to get better.


Thank you!! I was so proud of her after that match, haha :smile:

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a level 26 indom would wreck my 26 deus though lol. if my fingers arent fast enough

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Man, I HATE to dispute speed with other players (even though sometimes I’m faster)… And that happens a lot with IRex vs IRex or Stegod at level 20.

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Hehe :joy::joy::joy:
I don’t have Erlidominus yet, but just wait to see how much damage that does…

Ps our friendly an hour ago I’m sorry about the dracorex lmao

Why are you in ruins?


Wait, friendly challenge?

I disagree with this post title.
Dear Ludia. Please buff indom. Indom is like a dino with no teeth in top 100 leaderboard arena.
Please give him justice. A defense shattering basic strike at least