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Indominus Rex rework

Yes I heard many time that I-Rex is very “balanced” but it ain’t for how easy it is to get. I many complain about draco, mono, thor and sometimes suchotator. They all have in common that they are easy to get and can defeat unique (while thor is a unique, it also beats cunning which should counter it). I-Rex can do the same and even reach crazy amount of damage with cloak. I already hear people say: “But creatures with resilient moves can kill it”.
Well yes but actually no. It’s a fierce meaning it has good attack and while it’s true for the shield spammers like dio they can just block the attack, stegodeus (and I use it so I know what I’m talking about) that has resilient moves and short defence still dies to it. The I-Rexes are generally faster and don’t go for cloak when they see it, doing enough damage to kill stegodeus.
Also, the cloak, while it depends on RNG, can reduce the damage taken from other fierce and cunning enough to be still alive and kill them. Oh and it has 50% distraction resistance just like mono making distraction basically useless against it.
So I had an idea for a rework making I-Rex better at countering resilient while more likely to loose to cunning

And yes I know it has counters but they are way harder to get than it. Just look at gryleken, it’s the best I-Rex counter but it has an exclusive in it.

Did you just give a monster that can deal 7.000+ damage an access to break shield on Rampage mode ?? No just no. Indom is fine even she needs to lose that damn rend resistant. Why did a 4500 health monster that resistant to distraction and has dodge have rend resistant ?


to punish a miscalculated dracoceratops swap in.

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Maybe only the impact should have defence shattering and the armour piercing rampage should stay the same. But at least this version can be fully distracted by cunning and hold its own against resilient which it is supposed to counter. As for other fierce, its matchups are about the same as now. Also I forgot about the rend resistance which is a bit op on it.

That should be better

Why does Indominus Rex need a rework? She does just fine for what she does. If you want to look at a legendary that needs a rework that isn’t Draco, look at Edaphocevia.


indom needs no buff

Indominous is fine the way it is. Does not need a buff.

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Indominus is totally fine on what it does. It wins against non-Shielders and has a good shot at defeating creatures with Shields while losing to Cunnings that have Dodge and can bypass its Cloak. Indominus is arguably one of the most balanced Legendaries in the game right now and there isn’t anything I’d do to change it, as it just sits nicely now. It isn’t too powerful, it isn’t weak - so don’t touch it.

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Indominus is fine. If anything, its hybrids need buffs.


I say it is fine

Indominus needs no buff, erlidom, maybe, indoraptor (worst or second worst unique) needs buff

The point of the rework was to make her better at countering resilient overall and worse against cunning because she’s a fierce. If she’s not rework I think she should be a wildcard and it would make more sense since she counters a bit of every class.

I’ve not really buff her. I took away the distraction resistance but gave her +150 health and a defence shattering move to counter what she’s supposed to.

Reclassifying Indom as a cunning/fierce or wildcard works much better.
The dino is fine it just aint the fierce the game says it is.


Indo is very good as a dino a high level brachiosaur can easily kill him but some leg can not it takes neither the bi buff the debuff it is very good like that

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And she does fairly well against resilient anyways. Plus FS with RC does 4500, which most resilients are either dead or close to it. Plus with enough distraction (just using CS twice is enough to make it a normal rampage) the cloak is useless.

you are insane


It should really be reclassified to Cunning Fierce, because it really is both. Your changes make it more unbalanced, so big nope.

If I were to change anything apart from the typing, that would probably be Cloak. I would split the move into dodge and an attack buff, so it just makes more sense in general and works better with different classes.

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Definitely. That way resilients can remove the dodge but not the damage buff, and cunnings can remove the damage buff but not the dodge (some will be able to bypass it, but it makes sense for cunnings to beat a Cunning-Fierce).


yes, but having a revenge cloak plus a defence shattering move is already really overpowered, having a shattering impact is too good