Indominus rex Tournement - 5/19/2022 - 5/23/2022

Tourney is indominus

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This tournament is 96 hours longs, instead of the usual 72 hours longs, not sure if we’re ever gonna get any tournament that lasts 168 hours longs this year.

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No This Year But Past Year Dilo Gen 2 And Titanoboa For Dilophoboa, Dracorex And Triceratops Gen 2 For Dracoceratops, Spino Gen 2 And Para Lux For Chromaspinus This Tournaments Are Long Time Hours.

Super exited

The tournament began, and the game is crashing on me, trying to reclaim 10 bucks, but the game decides to crash on me.

We are aware you may experience an error that says “timeout contacting the server. please check your internet connection” it will be fixed very shortly


Fixed. You should now be able to get back into the game.

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Saving myself from the Tarbosaurus… It was close to end fast

Goodluck with the tournament folks!


Just did it for the resources
One more run for a free copy
Note: it’s a 4 day tournament
Good luck everyone!


Hello again! I know that I have been absent on forums for some time, but know I will try to be more active. School really took so much of my time. And now I am back with Indominus tournament. Even though I have it unlocked I am so used to playing tournament every week that I can not hold myself :sweat_smile:. Do not know if I am going to unlock it but I will try :crossed_fingers:

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Some data for bottom dom

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Probably going to skip this one. It’s 4 days, plus I already have a level 40, 30, 20 and 10 Indominus, in addition to having Indoraptor unlocked. I don’t need any more Indominus, if I were to get another I’d just trade it away.

Really? IRex is 32,000 DNA. 16,000 to hatch and sell. Some where in between on a trade.

THati s a lot of DNA to pass up.


Plus resources. That would take a lot of Modded PVP to equal. Hybrid tournaments are NOT the ones to skip.


My head totally agrees with you, @Timmah. But my motivation wanted an early night yesterday and is still on the go :snail: :sloth:

Musstt fighttt more batttlesss :turtle:

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Numbers are pretty high in this tournament. I guess many new parks are after the Indominus Rex.
The bottom of my D is 762. Two days down, Two to go. Might be targeting between 1600-1900. I’m sitting on 1397.

@Sionsith, any predictions for end result bottom dom? Didn’t have time to play much this weekend and I’m wondering if I should give it a try or not…

Finally made it to the top half of Dominator

Bottom of the bracket is at just under 800. I am thinking somewhere around 1600 to finish in Dom, but we shall see.

In the meantime DNA rewards have been great this tournament, have had several of

With the Boss to fight as well, I can start undoing the damage caused by the big hybrid sale last weekend.


My current placing in dominator league