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Indominus Rex vs Allosinosaurus: Discuss

Just what it says on the tin. Which is overall the more useful creature to have on your team? I-Rex or Allosinosaurus?

I have both on my team, I rex at 20 and my newly unlocked allosin at 17. They both have their own kinda thing to be honest, allo can shatter shields and i rex has a bit hit after cloak.

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In next update you are not going to meet stegod so frequently like you meet now, that makes it definitely worthwhile.

I got both on my team too. I feel like indominus survives more than allosinosaurus cuz of speed difference being the key but I think the hybrid from allosinosaurus will be awesome and allosinosaurus is pretty nice in general too, the insta stun is especially useful with him to finish off opponents that are quicker than u

I prefer Allosino… I-Rex depends too much on RNG