Indominus rex Vs Indoraptor

Hello and welcome to JWA battles episode 3. In the last episode we saw trykosaurus wreck tyrannolophosaur. Who will win in this battle of the raptor rexes?

Indominus Rex stats
Height: 6m

Length: 16.7m

Weight: 5.4 tons

Bite force: 8.1 tons

Weapons: cloak,claws,teeth,bite

Advantages: Bigger, stronger, stronger bite,taller

Disadvantages: dumber,slower, if bitten while cloaking can be seen.

Name meaning: untamable king

Indoraptor stats
Height: 3m

Length: 7.3m

Weight: 997 kg

Bite force: 3.4 tons

Weapons: claws, brain,teeth

Advantages: smarter, more sneaky, 35.7 cm claw, faster.

Disadvantages: way smaller, weaker bite, shorter

Name meaning: indomitable thief

The fight
An Indoraptor has just found a dead carcass of a geminititan. An Indominus rex sees this carcass and rushes in not knowing the indoraptor was on the other side of the carcass. The Indoraptor sees this monstrosity leaps up into the air sticking its sickle claw into indoms side. Indom roars in pain before trying to bite indoraptor. Indoraptor doges and rushes in for a bite. It bites indoms neck but indom claws indoraptor before tossing it into the air. It bites down very hard on the indoraptors neck before throwing it onto the ground. It puts its foot above indoraptor but indoraptor flicks his claw into indoms foot. Indom roars in pain and flicks the stuck indoraptor off his foot and rushes towards it. Indom puts his foot on Indoraptors neck crushing it and winning the battle. It roars in triumph and throws the indoraptors carcass into the river before going back to eating.

The winner is


Anyone Like art?
I am looking for an artist
Also maybe draw one for trykosaurus VS tyrannolophosaur

Indominus beats indoraptor in real life for sure.

It does beat indoraptor in Jurrasic World:The Game

It also does sometimes beat indoraptor in Jurrasic World Alive.

And most importantly indominus rex has more fans then indoraptor has :wink:

This battle is too much of a stomp for my liking

Indo vs Scorpius is a much better matchup

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I will do that for a bonus battle. And I am looking for a artist if anyones interested

Well my art is not good but i want to try

Indom is stronger Indoraptor is faster and cunning

None cares cuz it can be slowed down unlike indom

And it’s not even that good as cunning neither as ferice

Indoraptor would win since he is much smarter than scorpius was shown to be but scorpius has venom so even if he looses he still could kill indoraptor even after his defeat so i guess it would be a draw


I mean irl

U mean erlidom?

Indom beats Indo in Jurassic World Evolution too

Next some battle royale ideas
Gen 2 fury :
Spinosaurus gen 2 , trike gen 2, anky gen 2 and allo gen 2

Tyrant lizards showdown :
T rex vs gorgosaurus, albertosaurus, lythornax, trykosaurus and t rex gen 2

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I mean in real life

No, indom beats indoraptor even in real life. It is like a Tiger Vs Leopard. Almost the same as power and kind but in here size is what actually matters

But it would have been nice to see scorpius rex vs indom rex they are but rex hybrids plus it would have been a cool fight

Okay sure I will like to see

What if you did a Mortem vs Godzilla

Godzilla wins