Indominus Rex vs Monostegotops

Yes, if you asked if I’ve faced battles with these two, yes…
Let’s jump straight in!

So we have a lot of monostegotops! Let’s cut to the stats, shall we?

Be aware these are the stats at level 26!
Greater Stunning Impact Gain a 75% chance to stun opponent for 1 turn, deal 1.5× damage
Nullifying Impact Remove positive effects, and deal 1.5× damage
Nullifying Strike Remove positive effects, deal 1× damage
Slowing Impact Decrease opponents speed by 50% for 3 turns, deal 1.5× damage

Indominus Rex
Armor Piercing Impact Bypass armor and deal 1.5× damage
Armor Piercing Rampage Bypass armor, and deal a huge 2× damage!
Cloak Act first, gain a 50% chance to dodge incoming damage for 2 turns, next attack will deal 2× damage
Armor Piercing Strike Bypass armor, and deal 1× damage
Immunity (passive)

There you go! Heres my input on these two rivals:
Monostegotops usually does nullifying first against indominus, but if indo is smart, he does impact and survives. He then does rampage and takes out monostego. But if monostego gets lucky and gets a crit, indo goes down! Monostego is good to open with, and the huge amount of armor reduces 1/3 of all incoming damage! Just not from indo :wink:!

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I really like these 2, they really counter eachother in their own ways, your thoughts?

Monostego is probably the best counter for indoraptor so I try to save him for later. Most players save their fast indos near the end. So I definitely never open with monostego. His armor, stunning, and slowing abilities are better used elsewhere. Course if I-rex mistakenly cloaks against a monostego he’s a goner.

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Happens all the time! I do nullifying impact as he did cloak, and I cant stop laughing! This is in upper Sorna! These people should have some common sense! Even if I do slowing as he did cloak, I’m still faster, giving me the chance to nullify before he attacks.

Interesting … I always open with Mono if he’s in my selection … takes out those that open with I-Rex; I do have Suchotator and Tyranno which have a nullify that most seem to forget about …

Monostego only beats Indom if it gets a crit, and only beats Indo if it lands the 75% stun. Still, amazing overall stats and definitely an amazing dino.

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Had my Mono kill OP’s 1st, they brought out Indo (not Irex granted, but) and they… did EVASIVE STANCE! I was like ok then, crit’d my nullify and killed him in one shot! And this was in Aviary!! I get confused how ppl get there sometimes, until I remember the $$

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I wouldn’t say doing evasive stance against monostego is a wrong move, as long as both are at full health. Many people use slowing impact first on indo for safety measure, so it’s possible to dodge the first attack. Moreover, using evasive will force monostego user to use null impact next turn, so indo can do cleanse and out speed on turn 3 for a rampage.

That’s fair, traditionally I’d use slowing first as well but in this case it was on cool down from the previous dino (so the opponent should have known that) so I couldn’t. I realize of course you wouldn’t know this fact, but they would have and hence my confusion.

Yeah. If your slowing is already used, I wouldn’t cloak on turn 1.

Interesting thoughts!