Indominus Rex with 700-800 damage hits +3200

Bug Description:
Indominus Rex with 700-800 damage hits +3200 (even without any critical?)

Area is was found in:
The Netherlands, Groningen

How do you reproduce the bug:
Enter into the battle with you opponent choosing Indominus Rex

How often does it happen:
I don’t know if that happens every time you meet Indominus Rex, but I had that at least 4 times, so suggest I have that every (or nearly every, maybe I haven’t noticed some) time I met Indominus in battle.

What type of device are you using:
Android Samsung note 8

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Hi there, @carmello, I can certainly see why this seems like a glitch!

Fortunately, there is an explanation for this! The Indominus Rex has an ability named “Cloak”, which allows it to deal double damage on its next attack. It also has an ability named “Armor Piercing Rampage”, which deals 2x damage in and of itself, so the Indominus Rex can actually deal 4x damage in a single hit by using these two abilities back-to-back! This is why you are seeing such large damage numbers, regardless of it not being a critical hit - this would have done even more damage!


Read the description of the cloak. The first attack after cloaking will provide 2x damage… if the opponent uses rampage a 2x attach to begin with, it doubles that attach to 4x damage.

Oh, I see. Many thanks!