Indominus Rex


Only players short of creativity uses this thing (it is technically speaking a ghost) in battle.
Keep swapping that thing in and out of battle.
Be more creative. If IRex is the only weapon in your team, then, too bad… :joy:

Result: 2 - 3 loss to that player.


Wouldn’t say I swap it in and out but I’ll leave it for last. You know when someone knows there screwed when they let the timer run down when they see it. Quite hilarious.


Sometimes you just have to do it … had Matches today when they swapped V-Raptor in and out. Had not the best hand and only won thanks to Indominus.

Or another Match where we both started with Indominus … absolutely fair.


Indom vs indom cloak fights are pretty entertaining though. :joy:


I agree though, purpose is to win. The hell kinda of tactic would it be to let it eat dmg.