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Indominus Rex?

Is the Indominus Rex ever going to equal? I have been trying to not let it get to me but my cloak works about 30% of the time. Which would be fine except when I battle it works 80% of the time for my opponent. I know people say to use dinos that remove effects but I don’t have any that are higher levels so they get killed with one hit from the other dino. I understand now why people purposely go down arenas. I’m thinking about doing the same so that I stand a chance in the battles. I have spent a lot of money on this game but it doesn’t seem to do me any good. Sorry for the rant just getting frustrated.

Don’t really need to use nullifying.
Any shield dinos faster than 107 spd could able to handle that cloak-rampage.
(Or also 107 spd but higher level Stegodeus)
The most effective one is Alankylosaurus, with SWAP IN INVINCIBILITY, so don’t need one more turn to prepare for shield.

Anankylo is def a great option. Personally, I really like Megalosuchus against I-Rex, if I can get it aligned.

Assuming you play it right, I’ve found that Tragodistis is pretty much guaranteed to beat an I-Rex. If you use Instant Invincibility when he uses Cloak, he’s basically finished it he doesn’t switch out, as he won’t be able to do a thing to you.

Here’s the thing with Trago vs an I-Rex though…a savvy player will intentionally not cloak the first turn vs a Trago for that simple fact. You have to be able to predict when the I-Rex is going to cloak, if they are at all. Basically, Trago vs I-Rex, you’ve got to hope that the I-Rex cloaks that first turn, or your Trago is finished pretty quickly. Shield too soon, and you basically give them a free cloaked hit. They don’t cloak and you wait for it to shield, your Trago is dying in two hits (unless there is a big level difference and Trago is way higher). Even then…

Overall, Megalosuchus is a better counter between these two specifically. With Megalo, you want to shield that first turn, either way, to absorb those first two turns or if they cloak first turn, it’ll absorb the cloaked hit enough to survive. If they don’t cloak at all, you’re going to get in at the very least two attacks and one counter attack before dying…and that would take both hits being crit with a pretty good level difference. Usually, Megalo is going to have a very solid shot at killing the I-Rex, or if not killing, severely hurting it to where its a one shot for the next dino to come out.


Trago vs indom is 50/50 depending on who does what.
Trago generally will have to use invincibility after taking one hit from indom and then indom will cloak through second turn of invincibility and then it just depends on the cloaks rng.
Rajakylo is a different story all together, i very rarely lose to an indom with him

This is just in my experience, on both sides of the coin, but I-Rex vs Trago usually favors I-Rex by at least 70/30, if not better since Trago is trying to be reactive or just plain survive. Yeah, the cloak RNG comes in as a factor at that point…depending on the level difference between the two.

Haven’t made Rajakylo yet…mostly due to using my Ankylo DNA for Ankyntro, but its pretty rare my Megalo dies to I-Rex as well.

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Rajakylo has delay 1 instant invincibility & is slower then indominus rex

magalosuchus using shield then ferocious strike, you get a counter attack then critical impact then DEAD indom

Agreed, thats why I always try to not do it until he actually does cloak. I probably overstated my case originally. But my experience is that most people instinctively want to cloak right away, even though that’s often the wrong thing to do.

I definitely made that mistake a couple of times before I learned not to just mash the cloak button :grin:

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Likewise. lol.

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lol…ive hit that cloak a million times in this situation and at that point its all up to RNG