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Indominus strike glitch


So, using my second account to do the indominus strike, come out with T-rex, take a hit, then give a chomp… so I switch to Alanqa and my instant invincible aborbs the next big hit.

THEN! I put out my long invincibility, to which the Indom does their cloak and POOF, my shield disappears. I do a rampage, he doges, then I do a SS and then get smoked.

Needless to say after that I did not win, I had raptors that conveniently (for Ludia) left the indom with 20 hp…

I just wish the game would work right. Even the simplest functionality continues to elude the developers… I’m starting to think they’re doing it on purpose.


I’m sorry that happened @Rantz, and I understand having glitches like that occur in the middle of the battle can be really frustrating. However, the shield disappearing could be just a visual error, and the effect of it was still active. Do you remember if the I-Rex was able to do any damage on the turn where you used Rampage?

Yes. It did. It did not crit but smashed my HP way down.

Hey D_MOL, if you reached out to our team at with as much detail as you can remember on what happened during that battle, our staff can gather more information on this and investigate further to see if there could be an issue and find a fix for it.