Indominus v/s indoraptor v/s Erlidominus

Hi All,

So I have reached a point where I have a level20 indominus with decent DNA and a velociraptor with25k dna. The natural progression would suggest evolving indominus into indoraptor. But based on my recent encounters in the arena with level 21 indo raptor, I kinda felt that it’s not much worth it (I may be worng completely). So, my question would be that from a Raid and Arena perspective, which option is better:

  1. Indo raptor : possible as I have DNA to ‘start’ the process
  2. Indominus: I can continue levelling up
  3. Erlidominus : have a level 15 erlikosaurus, so would need to work on that.

I also saw the teams of the top 10 players and didn’t see either of indoraptor or Erlidominus. Any reason why?

I know this game is either pay-to-win or ‘patience’-to-win, so would seek advice keeping 2-3 months horizon, not immediate, because if I commit to one of these options I can effectively say good bye tothe rest for quite a bit of time.


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Erlindominus right now is much better than indoraptor, it’s not a top tier creature but indoraptor right now is quite useless


What Kiros said. I have had the indoraptor unlocked for a few months now but still prefer using the gen II variant. Would save the dna for Erlidominus.

Everything that these 3 hybrids can do, others can currently do better. Magnapyritor and Monolometrodon are basically better versions of Indoraptor and Indominus in most respects, and Erlikospyx is a better Erlidominus.

I’ve heard that speed-boosted Indominus rex does pretty well, but I wouldn’t recommend it myself.
They’re all probably fairly useful for where you are in the arena, but they’re not exactly optimal endgame creatures.

Erlidominus is viable against the Mortem Rex raid, but there are better alternatives depending on what creatures your friends have.

They could always be buffed in future updates, but for now I’d use them as stand-ins for their better counterparts which you’ll probably unlock much later on.
Erlidominus is probably your best bet short-term, it would need the least amount of boosts to be useful.


Indominus rex is a monster if you fully boost it.
147 speed
5606 health
2233 damage

Erlidominus all the way! It works in arena and in raids. And although it took a hit in 2.0 it still is one of the better uniques. However in terms of what looks better well… that’s an easy call :smiley: