Indominus vs Indominus

Is this a bug or intentional? I have worked (and walked) long and hard to level up my indominus, but EVERY TIME he faces aganst another indominus the lower level one is somehow faster and because the cloak is never even close to the 50% chance (confirmed in other posts) the opponent wins almost every time. Im sick of losing battles to a broken game!


It could be a visual bug. I have come across that a couple of times where the arrow says the other person is faster, but I end up going first as I should.

Usually in this situation, they cloak first, so I cloak (because why not), and they one shot me… :rofl:


It’s a visual bug. Your Indominus will make its move first.


Whoever cloaks first usually loses. And it’s just a visual bug… memorize the speed priorities for future battles.

However if it wasn’t the case and you did indeed go second, contact the support team because its a bug!

Also could it possibly show up like that if the other player selected cloak? while you hadn’t selected a move yet? because if the game thinks the player is going to go next, as he used a priority attack, and the game doesn’t yet know what you are going to do, that could be the case? maybe?

If so thats a very easy way to tell if the other player has used cloak or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Indom vs. Indom… the world’s longest slap-fight.

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Till MY cloak fails…bahahaha :rofl::crazy_face::crazy_face::rofl:

Have you actually confirmed that by seeing who actually moves first or are you just basing that on the arrows and not realising that you actually went first? Unless of course one or both of you used cloak.

Guarantee they’re just salty because a few too many coin flips didn’t go their way. I’ve seen this happen too, but have never witnessed any moves out of order.