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Indominus vs Indoraptor

How many times have one’s Indoraptor’s Evasive Stance NOT work against an Indominus’s (after) cloaking strike? I had that happened to my Indoraptor 4 times today. And all crits to boot.
On the reverse side, my Indominus (after cloak) strike against an Indoraptor was evaded twice today. Both crits as well but totally useless. I guess it is Ludia’s RNG hint that I should quit battling till tomorrow. Lost 8 in a roll trying to get an incubator. Sheesh…

Just use a nullifier instead of trying to compare dodge rng

Easier said than done. This match up usually occurs at the rear end of the battle, in fact usually at 2-2 and the chances that my monostego is still around or was one of the four selected dinos are zero.
On the other hand when my indominus meets an indoraptor, I can’t change out cos it’ll mean a 2 turn advantage to the opponent and no nullifier dino can take 2 hits from an indoraptor.
Also, my indorap once met another indorap in battle and we were taking turns evading hits after hits. I evaded 3 times, my opponent evaded 4 times. Guess who won… but that match was fun.

You increase odds of them still being around by having 2-3 nullifiers in team of 8 same as tanks speed etc just balance your team out no problems everybody rocking only one nullifier is likely to not have one ready for any situation they are needed in. That’s why don’t choose monosteg or monomim choose both and if you still don’t have enough nullify chuck a tany in or a ankentroll

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Oh by the way did you meant this monomimus? :sunglasses:


Yeah I’ve got three nullifiers in my team that seems to normally workout that I’ve at least one in my team when they are picked I know what you mean though when swapping out it can be frustrating the suchatator is another one to level up good fun to use got nullify for your dodgers and superiority and a very damaging wounding strike unless your up against cleansing or immune dinos