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Is there a reason while level 16 Indominus is virtually unbeatable against a level 24 anything? First there is the cloak and then a single hit of 4000-5000. I wish I had one.

  • steve

How about anything with resilient moves or shields?


Use a shield… or a dodge…

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mine here 30 max boosteded kills Thor and Erlindom.


Mine still on lvl 22, pretty great with immune to deceleration. And i love the sound.

Keep lvling and boost her shes amazing.

This one is mine, the same that did the 18k crit.

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Any boost recommendation for mid lvl indom ??

Mine is 23. I use 10 speed boosts, 3 hp and 10 attack. I think I’m gonna boosts it’s up two more times

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Nice most keep it 20 and just focus on indo and erlindom.

Ok thank you. I will boost it more in speed and attack to counter max

Mine is at 21 boosted 2/1/0. Been really struggling to get boosts since I gotta finish my other creature’s boosts first

Ya, it’s pretty hard if she sin’t the best on your team. I guess I mostly boosted her when she was the best on my team but kept boosting her cuz the boosts kept her as the best. Right now, I’m boosting maxima. I have 9 out of 22 boosts on her. I partially just level her up cuz she’s my favorite dino.

She’s my star player. At her best she takes does Max and Tryko with ease and can sweep through teams.
Taking her all the way to 30 and still with boosts to apply :slight_smile:

That Indom is SPEED.
Never thought once to speed boost mine

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Glad Indo is getting some love, as a fan of the films It’s good to see :+1:

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Her speed is great for dealing with boosted Thors and the like. And the speed reduction immunity is a godsend for dealing with Max and Tryk.
Don’t think I’ll make her any faster but still want to throw a couple of more boosts into health and attack.

Ya shields aren’t an option anymore

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meh, you just need to win the 50% mind game, and of course you also need to be lucky