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Indominux Rex Gen 2 Mutual Fury

Am I they only one who thinks this move doesn’t make sense on Indom Gen 2? Mutual Fury cleanses yet Indom Gen 2 is immune.

Immune yes but not to decelerating. Up against Maxima and slowed down the move makes perfect sense to me.
SORRY…misred. i thought you ment Indoraptor Gen 2

Indom G2 is fully immune though.

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Isn’t it immune to everything? I am talking about Indominus Rex gen 2 not Indoraptor Gen 2 :slight_smile:

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Well, the Cleanse is only part of the move.


Why not speed up? It’s a part of Fair-Rule Tournaments.

It makes sense. It allows Indom G2 to outspeed <119 creatures and land 3x piercing damage next turn

For that part yes but cleansing doesn’t . Since this move originated from Indominus REX Gen 2 and it’s an immune dinosaur it should cleanse. IMO

And what should they do? Create a separate version of this move just because cleanse does nothing in Indom’s case? We have bigger problems right now


Actually, Cleanse isn’t useless to Immunes. There is one debuff that does affect them in general, even if it doesn’t affect Indom G2 specifically. So technically, it isn’t inappropriate.

I’m talking about the lockdown after a Swap-in ability.


I’m actually ok with Indom G2 having mutual fury. Although it cleanses and indom 2 is immune, it is still a great move for it due to the speedup. The only creature that has MF that I’m not okay with is Entelochops. It does make sense to have it but it’s very fast (126) while containing immune to decal. Really think Porkchops should loose immune to decal just so that it could use MF more often.

Mutual Fury’s main purpose isnt cleanse but speed and 1.5x damage.

Postimetrodon has regeneration, which cleanses, but it’s immune too. It’s even part of the cleanse event. The reason why indom gne 2 has it is to speed up past creatures like sarco or tenontorex, and then rampage them.


I.rex Gen 2 with MF is fine, everyone can go MF+Cloak to reach the highest damage as his/her achievement. It’s about how you use it, not only an useless cleanse on Immune creatures.

And Entelochops can be a thread for Procerathomimus, since it has enough hp and armor to tank damages, you can use MF, speed up and scare your opponent.

Actually, I would still give procerath the edge, but it’s still close. But MF+cloak is important for the shielding counter-attackers like puru and gia because you can use strike and then save your rampage for another creature

INDOMINUS REX gen 2 is immune so cleanse is useless but it can speed up and attack same like using cloak but opponent creature speed must be at less then 116 (indo rex speed in 108) sorry if something was wrong thanks.

So to sum up, it’s so freaking OP that it does thing that it doesn’t even need