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Indominyx - New hybrid suggestion

thinking of making a new hybrid, a cross between a Indominus Rex and a baryonyx gen 2. This is the Indominyx

Indominyx stats

may be a little (or a lot) op, tell me what you think.


Well to be honest looks like rudy but its ok it can be a wait since we will get indotaurus why not this guy

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:joy: i see it now

Model is just great!
What software do you use?

wasn’t modelled, i used photoshop


Software? Which one do you use?

what do you mean?

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Which app do you use for photoshop?

photoshop is an app


But is it paid?

yep (using this to make 10 letters)

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Can I see any photoshop you made on JWA?

I would show you but I’m away and using my phone

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10 ok

Look at some topics I made you’ll find like 5

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