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Indom's Speed

The average of indom’s counterparts speed is 117. I get it is a chomper but the stats should just be the average of its counterparts. And ludia, you can’t tell me its slow. For crying out loud, you make an amphibian have 115 speed. You gave a dimetrodon 112 speed. How does that even make sense. I also just want to give it a buff because a shattering move isn’t coming let’s face. It would literally break the game. Maybe a shattering strike like indom g2 but that’s all its getting.

They used to go off of averages, but nowadays they usually use the faster creature’s speed, or go even faster for that matter. Take erlikogamma, entelochops, or mammolania for example. Indom could use a buff. Maybe shattering impact, but that would be it.

Do really need even more broken legendaries


Actually indom it’s pretty fine, can take out a dino and do damage to another one

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Alright let’s go over the points shall we

  • #1 - ludia making it slow: honestly there is no absolutely logic to this and so it — Ludia logic — the same logic that says hardosaurs are super slow, trex is only faster than apatosaurus and now a heckling turtle, giant therizinosaurus are as fast as raptors, quandary an epic hybrid is as good as a unique

  • #2 - the other amphibians are non immune, don’t have defense shattering and have usually low health and mid attack. As for dimetrodon this is where the stats and move sets come in; it has way lower health, lower attack and way lower survivabilty.

Also indom has the super strong move know as cloak…
Meaning not only does gain dodge for two turns which is now as reliable as stuns, it also makes you next move do 2x damage. Not + 50% like every other buffing move but 2x the multiplied damage. Meaning a rampage does twice the already multiplied damage. Mean it goes from 3,200 damage; To 3,200 x 2= 6,400 damage meaning it can one shot any Dino in the game if it gets the chance.

And so for that it needs counters it make sure it can’t do that to every dino. So that’s the reason for its weaknesses:

  • Only armor piercing as its already immune so you need a way to counter its attacks so they don’t hit full force. Ex: shields and dodge.

  • slow speed as most creatures that have shields (the most reliable of its counters) are slow

I think it’s fine too, but it’s fair to ask for a buff since the Epic GEN2 is way better… Still, if anything, I would only give it a Defense Shattering Strike (basic move) and that’s it

Or or hear me out …we rework indom gen to be more balanced and fall in line with epics, and at least not beat all most all the tyrants. And gain a move that doesn’t make any sense since its raptor and rex and that’s saying something since it’s also some how gains immunity, cloak, and MF. So just saying maybe turn down a bit… ALSO LORE CHANGES SO ITS NOT A VALID REASON. ( cough cough Rex having the most attack, apto taking the most damage, rex gen2 being a failed indom experiment, Gemini being carnivorous, tryko being only a rex and ankylosis hybrid and such )

Nothing against that, but even though IRex2 is strong for an Epic, it doesn’t shine that much when it goes against many Uniques. I personally think it’s cool when weaker rarities can compete with stronger ones if it’s not exaggerated (like ProceRat)

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True but even then prorat now has actual “counters” at least in brontolamus, boa, and nemys.

Indom literally has no true counter in epics.

I mean it beats…

Tryko, dioraj, grypo, spxs, erlidom(with luck), tenato, moth, nemys, Spinoconstrictor, indoraptors (both gens with luck from cloak), Thor, rinex, tuora, testa, and Monolorhino

Again same here but that should be left for super hybrids like rixs, boa, and thyla and not very easy to make regular epics cause that’s just a big finger to this who work had on super and just get smacked around by just regs.

Although there are some expectations In type match ups like erlidom, spxs, and Dilorach vs carbonemys

Or apatosaurus vs speedsters

Or rex vs stegodeous, Gigaspikasaur, nodopatotitan and tragod

Those counters to ProceRat you’ve mentioned can be beaten if Proce has the Rampage set. Even Nemys can lose nowadays

And I haven’t seen many IndoRex2 on the few Unique skill tourneys we had (which is what I’m based on). It doesn’t necessarily beat those you’ve mentioned (the majority of them requires luck or mind game, like Tryko)

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Still again super hybrid that would be acceptable but come on it an easy to make reg

Also that rampage set up would mean its already taken out a creature or you swap in.

That’s usually the case with Procerat… People try to send it as a revenge killer. I always look at the possibilities of a whole battle to consider a creature’s usefulness and strenght, not just 1v1.

For example, even if IndoRex2 beats all of those you mentioned, it might be too weak to resist the next creature and it’s too slow to act first. It HAS to rely on dodge. Meanwhile a ProceRat can beat the opponent and be ready for the next one with 131 speed and a 3100 distraction Rampage waiting… :roll_eyes:


Lol true: I hate it’s so much but at least you can hit it and it can’t go through armor

Mean while we got the bane of existence that’s indo gen2 :rage::joy:

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Spinoconstrictor: Allow me to introduce myself

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Boosts: hahah you dare challenge my power, your nothing but an insignificant worm :bug:

I think Indom is fine. The power creep is the problem. There’s a million Legendaries that need buffs waaaaaaaay more than Indom does.


Not exactly, Erlikosaurus was small (smaller than Utah) so it makes sense. It wouldn’t make sense on Theri, but he might just get a new model, just like Pachy who is different than smaller members of his family

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How would it be broken. With all the creatures with definite and null moves, as well as evasive moves, it wouldn’t be broken. Mammolania and gemini kill it easily. Quetzorion kills it. Mammotherium kills it. Indo gen 2, phorasaura, and erlidom can dodge. Indom gen 2, maxima, magna, and procerath can remove evasive. Now, tell me again how this is broken?

Nodopatotitan, gigaspikasaur : cry in low counter attack