Indomunis rex cloak


Ok I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but whenever I use indomunis Rex’s cloak for the second time in a battle it doesn’t actually cloak. It just uses my turn and keeps me uncloaked and I’m wondering why is this happening and if it’s happening to more people ludia get on fixing this bug!


It’s definitely a bug, but not caused by “I-rex didn’t use cloak”.

The truth is, if your I-rex won’t dodge opponent’s attack (50% chance) and will be directly killed, the camouflage effect will be skipped.
Same things also happened on other dinos. For example, if you use shield-attack, but opponent will still kill you in that turn, the shield effect will be skipped too.


Bug me thinks it needs to be fixed.


Is a graphics bug only. Cloak is applied, but if you’re going to die that turn it doesn’t display. Same works for shields or attack or crit bugs. You know it works because if you put up shields the turn you’ll die it says shield and shows reduced dmg even though you don’t see the shield graphic.

It’s a bug, but it doesn’t effect the ability. They probably just have a badly placed conditional that checks to see if dino is alive before displaying the graphic. It knows the outcome as soon as both abilities are selected but then simply goes through animations to display ther results to you


Wondering how you know that the effect is still in place even if graphic isn’t? Only because every single time that this happens to me I get hit and this has been any times. If I didn’t know better I would say that without the graphic the effect also is not in place as I have so far 100% of the time been hit on the second time round


I usually see the cloaking visual when they return to the arena, but it seems they rarely dodge the attacks. Statistically they should only dodge half of the attacks, so it seems normal.


if the graphic doesnt show up you are dead 100% of the time. thats the only reason it doesnt show up. you will never not see graphic and live through that hit. thats how i know its working. the only real way to test is watching other graphics. pounce doesnt show debuff if killing target. shields dont display (but it will read out shield and display the reduced dmg value), ferocious strikes etc wont display even though you see bonus damage. its just how they have it set up. i consider it a graphics bug. i have had cloak work multiple times in a single battle without changing out.