Indonemys: A Cautionary Tale

A word of caution, the new Indonemys will NOT have the Indominus rex rig. After the last Indotaurus bait-and-switch, we were all led to believe that the concept art reflects what the final creature will look like. But, digging a little back to Purutaurus, even the quadrupedal creatures are shown as bipedal in the concept art. Nonetheless, looking at the feet, the toe claws decrease from inward to outward in quadrupedal Indoraptor rig creatures and such is the case with Indonemys. Just a note of caution so we aren’t disappointed for a second time.


So how much will win?if it’s two it might be this and Geminideus

the entire pose screams indoraptor rig, especially and most obviously the position of the arms and legs and the proportions that go with it, curious to see how this’ll go if it wins


Dont forget the purrolyth concept. 100% the exact same scenario


Where i can see it to vote for the geminittian hybrid!!???

Indominus rig? You mean the Spinosaurid rig, right?

I’m going to be the devil’s advocate by pointing out that the back of indonemys is similar to indom’s.
Though I’m 100% sure it will be another indoraptor rig after people pointed at the pose.


It would make sense for the Apex indom to be quadrupedal. Since one of his ingredients is quadrupedalled. But yeah I hope the Apex Indom is Bipedal.


imo its probably indoraptor pose but it might acctuelly be irex pose becasue look at indot and puru they are slimmer and so is i raptor while indonemys is bulkier like i rex

Good point. I voted Indonemys myself, then wanted to take it back after realizing it’d mean 2 apex dinosaurs (Indonemys & Arctovasilas) competing for Carbonemys DNA


One of the reasons why I didn’t vote this guy. Clearly it’ll be quadrupedal like Indotaurus and Indoraptor so I quickly chose Keratolania over it


That’s only because Indonemys has fur. If you look at their tail width, they’re practically the same.

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Looking back at the concept art, they should have given two large saberteeth to indonemys.


At least two. :grin:

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True, they could’ve added even more than only two.

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I vote it for the compi and gem hybrid. Because is just going to be an indotaurus but with armour. Probably will win tho, good is that we can vote 2 So I Hope the geminititan or compi hybrids makes it.

First of all indoneyms needs to win. And there are two indoraptors and Indotaurus wich could get apexes so indoneyms might not have the indoraptor animation at all

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If he’s having the indoraptor animation then yes he should get sabre teeth

Plot twist: They concept artist reusing that pose so they don’t have to draw a new one.

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Can anyone post here concept art for hybrids that use the indom/spino animation like albertospinos? I guess we can compare the stances and postures to these ones that use the indoraptor rig