Indonemys: A Cautionary Tale

I think this is it

I hope if it does win the vote they use the scorpios animation set we are kinda full of indoraptors at this point

I mean the actual concept art like with the indos not an ig render (its ok if no 1 can find 1)

The closest I could find was this tiny image of Spinosaurus seen in Spinoconstrictor’s concept art.


Unfortunately I don’t think actual concept arts have been made for Spinotahraptor, Spinotasuchus, Spinonyx, Suchotator, or Albertospinos. One thing I do want to point out though is that the palms of Spinosaurus face toward itself, while the palms of Indotaurus, Indonemys, and Purutaurus face to the side. The arms and tail of Spinosaurus are also significantly shorter and skinnier.



The tail seals the deal for me. Def going for kera/mammo and gem/stegod. Everyone who thinks indonemys is gonna be bipedal look at this. If you still dont believe prepare to be disappointed, atleast if it wins the poll