Indonemys apex?

I’m a little confused about which indominus Rex is going to make the new Apex coming soon…
Gen 1 or 2? The picture suggests gen 2 (epic), but the ingredients SAY gen 1…
Clarity? Thanks!


Gen 1. They messed up the picture and made it look like Indom 2, but it’s 1.

At least it better be.


how do you know it’s gen 1?

It’s in the poll.

could you send me that survey? I have a question, if you could send it to me I would really appreciate it

Yeah, let me find it really quick.

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Found it

very thanks bro

No worries. Took like 4 seconds.

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I’m pretty sure it’s Gen 1. While the concept art shows Indom G2, the poll says Indom G1 (I believe the poll a lot more because Ludia employee(s) themselves are the ones making the poll announcement), and by the looks of it, apex hybrids can’t be made of epics, they always consist of at least one unique along with something of the legendary rarity or higher, which would mean an apex hybrid using Indom G2 wouldn’t be possible.


Thank you!

Thank you everyone for the clarity

@moderators Can someone please confirm this
Says gen 1 but shows gen 2
Rather than us assuming which indom it is.


@Breona @Ned

If you dont mind can you ask the developers which indom version it is please.

I know its not 100% confirmed but im building towards all the fusible apexs and this one is very unclear. With the points listed above.

Dont want to build indom gen 1 and then it ending up to be gen 2.

Rule #1: Never “pre-build” or “pre-level” anything before an update drops. Ludia has been wrong before and once you click that button there ain’t no going back.


True. Never trust concept arts.

Still would like a clear answer though. Would be nice to know which one to grind for in the meantime e.g. sanctuaries mainly.