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Indoor GPS issue


Do anyone have a problem with the GPS as soon as you enter a building? My character will just be in the same place the entire time while I roam a mall. (Usually outside).When I get out, the GPS start tracking me again. This has been happening ever since I got the game. Is this a known issue for anyone?


I think it depends on the location, local wifi, and stuff like that. Lol, even in my house it has issues pin-pointing me, so my cursor’s all over the place. If you’re in a spot with good wifi, it’ll track you. If you’re in a spot with bad wifi, it’s gonna have a hard time finding you. Malls are a bit tricky since I inagine their wifi all over the place with all their phone stores and Best Buys. At that point, without closing the game, head to your Settinga and turn your wifi off. Then head back to your game, stand still so it can find you, and the cursor should move. You may have to toggle at times, but it should work.