Every update is adding and apex so what about the next one?
(My goal was to make it kinda op)

(I love this hybrid so much I am making it the villain of a story I am writing)


It’s beautiful
I’ve always wanted my indo to get a hybrid .


This looks awesome. I hope it will come in game

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Ok. I like the idea, but the stats dont make sense. Both of these have the exact same stats, so where does 600 health and 150 attack come from? I’d lower mainly the health down to around 4050 and damage to 1550, though the damage I dont mind being at 1600. Also lower crit down to 20%.The moveset is decent, but what I think you could do is give it Cautious On Escape instead of No Escape and replace Evasive Stance with either Mutual Fury or Distracting Impact. Now the resistances. Why is it immune to Distraction? Neither component is, drop it to 67%. Bring Pin resistance down to 50-75%. Stun can either be 75% or 100%, either works. Rend and DoT make sense to stay on. Decel at 50% is kinda meh, but it works. But where is Crit Reduction Immunity? Both have it. I like the idea for this (Ive made an Indo Gen 2 hybrid myself with Secodontosaurus) these are just some changes I think would help to balance it out a bit.


Just saying that stats dont need to be on the same lv as the components.
IndoT for example +450 hp and 200 attack

But overall i like the design and moveset


Oh yeah I know. Just look at Quetzorion. But I dont think it should be TOO much higher.

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Wow that guy should fight my Troodoboaraptor