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Indoraptor 26 cant dodge Erli precise pounce

Hello , i would like to report a bug in the game in campaign , lvl 74 . I lvled up my indoraptor and spent 100k gold just so i could try to kill lvl 74 in quest and every time Erli go bypass my indo prio dodge and he dont dodge a single blow , i tryed this 20 times , result is the same

Precise pounce will ALWAYS bypass dodge and cloak. Look at the ability description it says so.


No not on this guy it say reduce dmg by 50% for 2 turns

Precise pounce will bypass cloak and dodge…it is precise…save your coins…Indoraptor is not great…great in the movies…not that great in the game currently…

All precise moves bypass dodge and cloak…I have a laugh when opponent cloak when they see a spyx…


precise moves bypass all dodge abilities.
resilient moves completely remove dodge.

So Indoraptor is bad, I guess won´t get it.

the move does exactly what its supposed to, but the description is wrong.
i looked at the other precise moves on other creatures, only precise pounce doesn’t say it bypass dodge or even says precise attack.

So in other words , i just throw 100k in the air … Yeh

Yes. Tgats exactly what has happened

Not necessarily, indo isn’t good as you reach higher tiers but it should perform ok mid level and there will probably be a tweak to it next patch for balancing

That iwn’t a bug all precise attack will bypass dodge and cloak