Indoraptor after update

There’s no polite way to say this Ludia so I’ll just say it… ARE YOU CRAZY?!

C’mon, more than 3000 HP at level 21? I was ok with Monomimus not being able to counter it anymore, but now even my Gorgo 19 can’t kill it with a DS Rampage after a Ferocious Strike unless it crits! That’s just ridiculous

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I was wondering why they thought it needed a health buff. Now Tany doesn’t kill it anymore in a heads up machup honnestly if someone was willing to invest all that $ into a level 27+ Tany I had no problem with it.

Sounds like they fixed him and folks cannot use lower rarity counters as often. Good job Ludia.


So you are wanting a common dino that is everywhere to one on one beat what should be the best one in the entire game… makes sense…


To be honest, Indo really needs that buff.
Now there are so many counters to indo, and a crazy number of 129 speed dinos.


Just like the new swap in for Dracorex Gen 2 is going to have a niche, I’m perfectly fine with Tany having a niche. If they wanted Indo to be “the best” dino in the game, it shouldn’t be the easiest Unique to aquire and level up. It’s a moot point anyway as they buffed Indos health. To be clear, I don’t have a problem with them doing it, I just don’t feel it was really necessary.

Not sure what trophy count you are at but I can tell you that around the 5000 mark, you see the same 8-10 dinos and it gets tiresome. I am all for any changes that will promote variety in the battle arena buffing a dino that is already running on 99% of teams is not required in my opinion.


I’m around 3800/3900… Dinos at level 19 and 20… He certainly didn’t need buff. With a little luck Indo could solo many combinations of teams I had even before the update… Most faster dinos needed at least two shots to kill him, while he could easily one shot them

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Why can’t people just accept the changes and move on! Or quit the game! They killed SS so bleeders kill you! I accept it! The reduced my monomimus! I accept it! Get the F over it!

Btw F stands for Freek! At least in this forum :joy:


So now you should learn to accept people not getting over it :wink:

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@Rolybert I agree. These threads hurt the people that have the dinosaurs that are buffed or nerfed due to complaining.

Simple solution. Use counters. Or get the dinosaurs your self.

Buff and nerf are all part of the game to make it challenging


so now when you finally unlock it, its not underwhelming…


So your logic is that an epic gorgo should counter an unique?!

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Indo has a shot at killing pretty much anything in the game.

That said, in my experience, the dinos best used against it are:

Stegoreca (yes, it does well)
Indom goes 50/50
Even rinex has a chance at beating it depending on dodges

And im sure theres more. Hope that helps.


Gorgo is an epic, indor is a unique. Honestly feel gorgo is op for its weight class, but instead they nerfed it’s legendary… I suspect gorgo will either be nerfed next, or everything above it will be brought up even further than it, effectively nerfing it. Indor buff is one I think they got right.

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Gorgo could never properly counter him since he has evasive stance and 20% crit… but that’s not what I’m saying here, It was just an example to show how OP it is… after all, that Gorgo’s tactics we all know does one of the most devastating damages in the game… And as I said, mine is at level 19, so I’m aware it would kill him if they were same Lv. I agree Gorgo is too strong for its class, but that’s a different issue.

Then again… it all goes back to that 50/50 dodge… If it weren’t for that, I’d be ok with this :joy:

It’s hard to use counters when they randomly don’t choose my counters. I can’t stock my entire team with indo counters and forget the rest of the dinos don’t exist. Cloak is broken, RNG determines who wins. If I fight against a cloak and don’t have a counter on my team, I just put my phone down after they dodge twice. RNG chose for me to lose. No coming back after losing a dino and their indo/monomin/indom are untouched.


If gorgo is ur main indoraptor counter u got bigger problems than worrying about what ludia does to indo :joy:

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He’s not… just said that

+1 i doing the same usually rng decided you lose when enemy indo dodge 2,3 hits and yours 0 so why still playing, next dino will be oneshoted by a crit for sure

Sorry, got here late to your party. The indo buff did nothing to help it at higher levels. My Indo(26) has been two shot more this patch than ever before. I am not seeing your logic at work in the upper arenas. I pretty much have to get lucky to get a kill with it.