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Indoraptor and Indoraptor GEN-2 Buff Concepts

After watching both the Indoraptor and Indoraptor GEN-2 fall to their knees to the Resilient meta, I felt that the two hybrids that are supposed to be living weapons should be able to hold their own much better than they currently are. I will agree that the Indoraptor GEN-2 was definitely broken (especially considering that I was able to win 3-0 matches in the Aviary with it at level 17), but now the two are significantly harder to use effectively, and the Indoraptor GEN-2 is basically a glorified raptor at this point. However, I have these stats in mind that could keep them viable in the end-game while not becoming broken monsters. Here’s my ideas:

Stats at level 26:
Health: 3800 Damage: 1350
Armor: 10% Crit. Chance: 20%
Speed: 128
Cautious Strike
Mutual Fury
Armor Piercing Rampage
Full Resistances: Stuns, DoT
Partial Resistances: Distraction (33%), Rend (33%), Vulnerability (50%)

Here we have a set that combines the distraction and self-boosting capabilities signature to the Indoraptor GEN-2 with a more damage-inducing Armor Piercing Rampage. Sidestep let’s it maintain a speed advantage and cleanse negative effects in a pinch when played right, along with dodging damage (on that note, DODGING means you AVOID THE ATTACK). However, it still lacks the ability to punch through shields, letting more heavily-shielded opponents that can keep the deceleration game going can take it down with ease. Definite Strike hints to its ability to use echolocation, allowing it to find targets with ease. This makes more sense with cloaked opponents, but for game purposes this will apply to dodges as well.

Stats at level 26:
Health: 4200 Damage: 1450
Armor: 15% Crit. Chance: 30%
Speed: 128
Definite Strike
Cunning Impact
Armor Piercing Rampage
Full Resistances: Stuns, Distraction, DoT
Partial Resistances: Deceleration (33%), Rend (50%), Crit. Chance Reduction (33%)

With the original Indoraptor, we’re looking at a bulkier version that has more options to consistently hit harder while dishing out high damage and distraction. It is less nimble than the GEN-2 and has better bulk. It has better resistances due to its roots to the Indominus rex, while gaining Sidestep as well, which when played correctly, could save it. It can still be brought down by an opponent that lays down the deceleration rather heavily, however, so a creature like Diorajasaurus could spell great danger to it.

All in all, I feel that both Indoraptors need a buff. It’s not absolutely huge, but it’s certainly needed. Now some of you may be wondering “Dude what the heck is with the armor???” Remember how Grady shot it several times and did nothint to it? In fact, it did so little that the Indoraptor decided to fake being wounded? Yeah, bulletproof. But I wasn’t going to go Carbonemys armor on it (still trying to figure out why the turtle has better armor than an ankylosaurid).They still fall to heavier resilient and decelerating creatures, but they don’t suffer completely. Let me know in the comments what you think? Is the buff good enough? Is it too much? Is it too little?

PS: If you haven’t read Actually Balancing Resilients, I highly recommend it

Indo gen2 must be better than Indo gen1, for the “film canon” and for ingredients too.

Um technical that’s…not…true.


Film canon you say? How is a non-canon creature going to have any effect on the movie canon? I also intentionally gave the GEN-2 lesser stats BECAUSE it has Cautious Strike and Mutual Fury. Meanwhile I designed the normal Indoraptor to focus on heavy hitting. The GEN-2 needs some setup for maximum damage output. And the whole thing about rank of components determining strength is honestly stupid. An easier-to-obtain hybrid of a lower rank should NOT be exceedingly better than one of a higher rank with more powerful ingredients

actually indo killed te white indoraptor in jwfk so that’s false.

The truth is that I think the original indo must be better, because of the canon

Indoraptor gen 2
attack: 1350 health: 3900
Speed: 128
Critical Chance: 20%
Stealth assault
Mutual fury
Curved Devastation (pierces armor, removes camouflage and evasive abilities)
Step aside.
that is what I propose.

Indoraptor Attack: 1400 Health: 3900
Speed: 127
Critical Chance: 20%
Echolocation Strike (I made it up, it has the effects of stealth assault but goes through armor)
distraction hit
Ultimate Devastation
step aside.
that is what I propose.

10 characters

What do you say? I do not understand!!! :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

each does not have 4 skills, forget to place the resistors

Ah, I got it, I think if you’re right, it’s like the indominus.

There was no white Indoraptor. It was a scrapped concept

Did you make these with in-game balancing in mind or with the intent of making your favorite creature broken? Because it looks like the second one. I did it with the intent of making the two viable creatures that can actually function in the arena, not because I wanted them to be OP

here is my version: Indogen2, 4000hp, 1150atk 128 speed, 20% crit chance

cautious strike

mutual fury

cunning rampage

evasive stance

resistances: 75% stun, 50% speed decrease, 100% crit reduction

indo 4000hp, 1400atk, 128 speed, 30% crit,

cunning strike

cleansing impact

defense shattering rampage

evasive stance

resistances: 75% distraction, 75% speed decrease, 100% stun

I had thought about how the indoraptor gen 2 was, also, although I admit that if they are very OP the indo gen 2 was too.

This if it is somewhat balanced !!!

Translated from Spanish

this if it is somewhat balanced!!!

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sorry, I forgot about that for a moment !!!

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