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Indoraptor armor?

Was re-watching Fallen Kingdom over the weekend and was thinking…

So Blue gets shot by a pistol and is on the verge of death.

Meanwhile Owen shoots the Indoraptor 3 times with a rifle and Indo just shrugs it off…

Ludia decides Blue gets 10% shield. Indo gets nothing.

This isn’t a “hey, add armor to indo” post or crap like that.


I do could easily get it. I think it needs a buff anyway, soooo…


Indominus rex should have even more armor then, did u see how many times they shot it with automatic rifles and stuff in jurassic world?


My Indoraptor level 29 and tier-5 hp/atk and tier-3 speed boosted is already benched in favour of other Dinos (mainly Dioraja); really need to see some buff for Indoraptor now.

Way to go Ludia. Way to screw up more stuff.

Give Indoraptor cloak. Problem solved.


The movie Indoraptor was only a prototype though, so it would make sense if it didn’t have cloak too. In fact, I’m pretty sure I read something about the movie Indoraptor being able to echolocate or something like that, so you could also go ahead and give it precise shattering rampage.


Dunno what Indoraptor we have here though, but the fact that it had cloak initially and is an I-rex hybrid points to it being the hypothetical almost perfect Indo, minus the Blue DNA

I think this is a good argument. Indominus was shot with automatic weapons and shotguns by Ingen’s team, and then by Owen’s 45-70. 45-70’s are used to hunt elephants. Then repeated bites from Rexy. I-Rex deserves 10-15% armor for sure

Indoraptor is a little bit more believable though, because a 5.56 caliber bullet (the rifle used by Owen in JW:FK) wouldn’t even make a bear flinch. Natural reptile scale armor would make such a small caliber pretty useless. I think evasion is good enough for how we saw it in fallen kingdom


Would be pretty cool that. I agree it should have a little Armor.

The more you know.
And I’m pretty sure there was a rocket launcher involved too, so yeah. But Rexy’s bites are defense shattering, so by game logic that was probably just I-rex’s health pool. And while I think armour coming out of nowhere might be unprecedented, considering the movesets of certain dinos (looking at you two, Purutaurus and Suchotator) as well as their speeds (Spinotasuchus), with regards to their progenitors, it wouldn’t be too crazy.

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It needs its attack buffed to 1500 and speed to 131 (It literally has Velociraptor fused in its DNA TWO TIMES!!!), although to balance it out, the health should be nerfed to 3700. And yeah, I do agree, the indo is a literal TANKY BEAST in the movie, so it should have atleast 10-15% armour. In addition there is logic for Indo to get ds strike and not ap strike, and long dodge or cloak would be nice addition to it (Instead of Evasive Stance), and also Swap-In Dodge, though to balance it out again, its health would be nerfed to 3500. And seeing as how INDOM, not INDO, survived a rocket launcher and was still moving while inside the mosasaur’s bite, it deserves 15% armor to compensate for its unique (Not Really) moveset.

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I’m still holding out for an Indo Gen. II that uses that many thousands of Blue DNA I have saved up. Lvl. 20 Blue, Lvl. 20 Indorex: Cloak, Shield, APR, APS maybe??

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Indoraptor was too OP with cloak so it was changed to Evasive stance. I think Indom has Armour-piercing moves as a sort of compromise between Velo’s normal attacks and T-Rex’s DS ones, but if you go by the movie, its claws punched right through the gyrosphere, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it deserved at least a DS strike. As for Indoraptor, DS rampage comes from nowhere, but I suppose it’s a Unique so it needs to be an improvement. Or something.


Maybe switch out the ap strike to ds strike, and dsr to apr, in order to make it all balanced out if it does get cloak

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tbh, i think that Ludia doesnt even care about how balanced their dinos are, and just use RNG to determine what stats dinos get…

As much as I would like that, Invincibility and shields are an important counter to Indom, and I think, for balance’s sake it ought to stay that way. And I’m pretty sure DSR has become the most important attack in Indo’s arsenal, so Indo users would not be pleased.

if they decide to change something on indoraptor, make it immune and replace the cleansing impact with something else

Why on earth do people think indoraptor needs a buff lol, its better than 95% of dinos, I see it constantly