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Indoraptor buff part 2

If u seen the first part u know what this is about. This is what I think the indoraptor needs due to it being lower than it should be. It is said to be the prototype of the dinosaur made for hunting by weaponizing it. Which should make it much better than it is right now, but not be perfect and have flaws as stated it is a prototype. This is why I think this would help it much more while keeping it not too strong as an apex. Debate over if this would be good for it or has too much

Note- somethings are taken from the movie like swap prevention is put in as it was able to escape sort of on its own with stygi’s help.
Bleed resistant is due to it not having many marks or wounds with in the movie while being shot at and even fighting blue. It not having precise pounce due to it seeming to miss a lot of it attacks on Owen and the gang (could be because of the tranquilizer). DSR included with it shattering glass :upside_down_face:, but also crush metal (not cage) but the ones going up the spiral stair bars/railing as Owens group goes after the indo pounces off the triceratops skull.


2 back to back Rampage ? No thanks, i don’t want another op creature


I’m on the same boat here. Cleansing Impact is still entirely necessary to Indo as well, and I would just give it Fierce Strike, Cleansing Impact and Precise pounce, as well as maybe something like Critical Ambush.

If I gave it more of Indom’s resistances, however, I’d probably give it Revenge Distracting Impact instead of Cleansing Impact.

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And Indoraptor’s basic move can be Cautious Strike.

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Indoraptor is fine as it is, it’s the most easiest unique to make currently, so it doesn’t really need buffs at all.


He falls flat to the resilient meta and he needs a tad more resistances and he should be fine all over.

Op indo it should be nothing else should be able to compare to it apart from scorpious

Which is fine, tbh it doesn’t even need cleansing impact. It’s 1 part Fierce, 2 parts cunning, so it should lean more towards the cunning side than fierce side, Indoraptor is perfectly balanced.

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Well we know that Ludia puts gameplay in front of the movies, which is honestly how it should be. I do is the easiest and first unique players get, it shouldn’t be tyrant

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Ludia make it easy it shouldn’t be it should be hard to get

I like it. A viable indoraptor.

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I can see ur point in why it should not be all powerful. which I feel that I could have made DSI rather than DSR and have it’s 1400 atk, but my point is that it is very lacking with cost being close to Grypolyth which does much better than indo which I see no reason why that should be. Which is why I feel it should be stronger be not apex or even lots of tyrant creatures, just take on things(not counter) like tryko or Mamolania and still countered by like hadro, ceramag, and gemini.

I agree with this

Indoraptor has cleansing impact because of all the resistances it lost from indominus what do you mean it doesn’t need it? It’s also still cunning-fierce meaning it shouldn’t be sent to the E.R. every time it tries to fight a resilient. Saying Indoraptor is 1 part fierce and 2 part cunning is also pretty irrelevant seeing that 1. That 2 part cunning is from the same creature and 2. That first part cunning is basically non existent in indominus aside from a distraction resistance and a few more points of speed. Yes I know Indoraptor is one of the easiest to make but that doesn’t give it an exuse to be worse than indominus. Indominus can be used in Nublar shores without too much of an issue while Indoraptor starts getting straight up murdered around the end of Lockwood library (ironic isn’t it).

Indoraptor buff:
Apr → Dsr
Speed decrease res 0% → 67%
Swap prevention res 0% → 100%

There we go, not too much big of a change but now it’s at least better than indominus. It’s can now break shields like indominus and T-rex can. It’s 67% to speed decrease because 75% is a bit too much and 50% is basically completely useless unless you could decrease your opponents speed like smilonemys, can increase your speed like erlidominus, or just have an unbelievable amount of boost in its speed. Swap prevention res is there because indominus has it and it fits Indoraptor.

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Though I personally DEFINITELY think Indoraptor should have a rampage based on its move set and stats, (it isn’t built like monolorhino or allosinosaurus who don’t need rampages to be good) I agree that Indoraptor shouldn’t be as weak as it is compared the other members in its class and rarity.

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I like this idea :+1:

Cool but Indominus makes no sense and I don’t really want to be seeing any more overboosted Indoraptors, especially with the changes you mentioned. And just wait Gamepress Datamine says resilient moves are changing, so don’t have your heart set on specific buffs, wait a while first.


Tbh you could give indo raptor his old moveset back & it wouldn’t change a thing, above aviary it’s all about swapping,chomping,distracting & evading, shielding dinos with the exception of the long necks have virtually disappeared thanks mainly to many teams including grypo on it. & now scorpius g3 is really starting to show up in numbers along with unique flocks, to be fair he’s just not viable up there in the upper arenas, indom gets by because of his cloak that’s the only reason he’s managed to stay on various teams, which arguably is a form of evasion.

I think indorap might be fine after the whole decel nerf because its already good vs the swap in meta with its stun immunity and 3 turns of dodge.
Also as @UFO says grypo is becoming more popular which causes dio to be less popular because its such a 1 sided match up.
From another post it shows that dio and tryko are getting less popular over time(its main counters)
Also with this new change indorap can get its APR off before it dies which it is struggling to do now.

Yeah but I was thinking about this earlier Matt, what some players might not have grasped, is the changes they might make to level the playing field a bit, I think a vulnerability move is only half the story, for example a Dino that had immunity to deceleration might lose it , because if you can’t cleanse or nullify distraction or cloak because of the loss of the resilient move , then deceleration is it’s next usual move , could be interesting or something about nothing bud.

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