Indoraptor Buff suggestion

Well since there are many players worried about the state of Indoraptor since the change to dodge went live (im not one of them for the record but I don’t wanna see dodgers die out) I have compiled a possible change -

Health = Same
Damage = Same
Speed = Same
Abilities List

  1. Armour Piercing Strike
  2. Distracting Impact (Lower the enemy damage by 50% for 2 turns) and deal 1.5x damage
  3. (NEW) Glancing Blows - Priority, gain a 50% chance to cause physical attacks to glance off you, reducing their damage by 66% - Lasts 3 turns.
  4. Defense Shattering Rampage
    Passive = Immunity (inherited from Indominus rex)

Seems good. Can you explain more on Glancing Blows?
And the cooldown or delay?

Its literally the current Evasive Stance just changed tooltips so it makes sense with the dodge change, as the old Evasive Stance with 1.8 change makes no sense.

Cooldown would be same as now.

It would literally replace Evasive Stance.

Because if you dodge something it didn’t hit you therefore how can it do 33% damage. However if something glances off you, it hit you but wasn’t full force, therefore the 66% reduction =)

Basically its dodge reborn.

The solution would have been easier. If now there is a 50% chance that the blow will take away 33% of health, health should have increased by 16%, perhaps a little less, by 12%, given that sometimes invisibility is not there.

I do not understand why those dinos affected by the critical reduction were compensated with more blow and those affected by this issue were not compensated by giving them more health,

Maybe they didn’t think enough, always like that.
A single change on a mechanic affects nearly all creatures. It is different from buffing or nerfing only one creature. Now they have changed two: Crits and Dodges.