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Indoraptor buff

I think for being a cunning fierce creature it gets wiped by most resilient creatures

I think it should have a move that can break shields, as for the counter attack it helps make things more dead which is mainly the role of fierce creatures

I don’t think giving a creature with high base speed, distraction and evasion a shield breaking move is a good idea. Indo is designed to take out other chompers and some of the wild cards not go head to head with the tanks that are supposed to counter it.

Ya no, indo is an anti tank speedster that was nerfed for seemingly no reason


Plus the shield shattering is only every 2 moves, so you can predict it.

No it rly just needs DSR back, with how prominent resilient is, indo having DSR is fine


I meant for this version of Indoraptor. I would love DSR back myself. Mine is level 24 and I used him quite a bit

Indo js currently an anti-tank speedster (the earliest predecessor to alloraptor) and as such needs a strong anti tank move, it wouldn’t be broken, but it wouldn’t necessarily be useless either


Yes. I agree it need DSR back. It really needs it. Why was it removed?

cuz they nerfed cunning

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Indoraptor needs a buff!

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The problem would be you would have to make it distraction prone cause immune shattering is just too strong

You would also have to make low in attack or health to balance if you don’t want to nerf it’s distraction resistance

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what about giving it cloak back?

I was just joking

sorry gen2 is cunning fierce
cautious strike- only 40% chance to dodge

Nope, that would make him jack of all trades , he already cleans dot, deceleration/ distraction & evades+ gives distraction, that’ll be another beast if that happens, a mistake that they have done with indom-Rex imo . He’s also 1 of the first uniques most players make so would cause upsets in the lower arenas, in fairness though he would be balanced in the top arenas, but there’s far better dinos that do that job better.

We could just bring back 1.14 indo. I think that’s fair

Indo2 actually lost more than the rampage as CS only speeds up for one turn now. It could regain DSR because of all the resilient running around

CS (Increase speed 10% for ONE turn, distract 50% one turn, 75% dodge one turn, attack 1x) (Note that it’s not precise)
100% Stun, Distract
It would still get bodied by most resilients and bleeders, but I think that it shouldn’t happen until maybe 2-3 more legendary GOOD bleeders come back

Gen1 just goes back to 1.14

My idea for an Indoraptor buff would be:
Class: Cunning/Fierce
Rol: Definitive distracting dodger
Cleansing Shattering Strike
Precise Pounce
Definitive Rampage
Evasive Stance
Stun: 100%
Vulnerable: 50%
Rend: 50%
Deceleration: 50%
Swap prevention: 100%
Crit reduction: 100%
Distraction: 100%
DoT: 50%

HP: 3900
Attack: 1560
Speed: 129
Armor: 0%
Crit chance: 30%

Ya no, DR on a creature immune to distraction won’t happen