Indoraptor bug?


I fought a indoraptor with my indorex, it used cloak first Then me, it missede me with attack and somehow it Dodge my attack? How is that possible? It’s cloak should have vanished when it attacked.


Cloak is a two turn skill. It has nothing to do with attacks.


Do you got any of the dinos?

(Act first. Gain 50% chance to dodge direct damage until next attack performed)
Indoraptor performs Armor piercing rampage. It misses (Cloak Ending)

Indorex performs Armor piercing rampage. It misses (even tho his cloak was ended).


I have an indominus. The description is either wrong, Ludia changed the skill or it’s a bug that has yet to be fixed. I don’t really pay much attention when battling, but I’ll have a look if my indo does that.

Perhaps if the enemy misses it doesn’t count as an attack? Who knows…