Indoraptor Creation Process

1Ok so I am at the point of being able to create an indoraptor for the first time cause I finally reached 4K red dna. My question is should I go through with it without at least 8k? Just don’t want to make the attempt only to have it fail which will make creating new hybrids or even leveling up other Dino’s impossible and the game unplayable.

Any thoughts?

Nope, the lvl 10 indoraptor is pretty equivalent to lvl 40 indominous. However it takes quite a bit of food to get to lvl 10, i would say 20 million. Also, a subsequent indoraptor can be purchased for 2000 sdna.

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What I want to know is if the creation fails? That way I’m not stuck with a creation chamber I cannot use while I try and collect another 4K red dna?

Haha… No I think it always works the first time