Indoraptor creation with level 18 indo Rex?


In arena, I found someone has an indoraptor, but his indo Rex is only level 18.
I don’t remember there is any incubator can get a unique dinosaur directly.
And there is only 1 event with indoraptor before and only allow 1 attempt.
How did he get this?


Perhaps he used infinite attempts for events hack, other way i dont know, he could bought 3 premium incubators who had chance of get indoraptor dna directly but doubt he got 250 for they


I came across this person too! I thought I’d read it wrong (his indo Rex number)


My friend just started playing, he’s at level 3, and on his Indoraptor it shows level 15 for Indom and the Velociraptor. I was actually going to ask on here because I’m level 12 and both of mine show level 20.


Where did your friend download the game from?


Apple store. I’m pretty sure.


wow well i wish mine only had to be level 15…good for him tho


I’d like to know why though. Doesn’t make any sense to me.


Here’s a screenshot of one of the cheaters (not mine)
They used a hack that allowed to catch as many event dinos as they wanted. That lasted at least few weeks, Ludia knew about it but didn’t fix it or catch the cheaters. It seems that they haven’t even banned them. Nice.


Could you ask him make a screenshot?


I will tonight. He’s a work friend so I won’t see him until tonight when I go to work.


Th ere was in indo /unique incubator a while back. Maybe they bought em


Of course Ludia hasn’t banned the cheaters. They only reset ed selfreported accounts by children with cancer playing from a hospital just to tell us that they have a cheater protocol… no they don’t.


So he was off last tonight but tonight I asked him to screenshot the indoraptor and when he went to it both now show level 20. But I swear 2 nights ago it said level 15! We had our phones side by side! Very weird. I wish I had got a picture of it that first night.


I bought all but got just 18 Indoraptor DNA. That appears the maximum Unique/Legendary DNA from Incubators. :joy::joy::joy: