Indoraptor creation


Man I just sptent over 900 T-rex DNA trying indoraptor, and I had 4 times 10 man, needs balance. That’s a lot of trex and raptor dna


It took me ages and stacks of TRex DNA to get my Indominus Rex . I got 5 x 10’s in a row before a 20 . I agree a 50 now and again would be cool.


It’s the case sometimes. I even roll a 70 once for indominus but it was a long, long road to the indoraptor…
This game is a grind, it took me weeks to get it, but he’s one of my fav now. Hopefully you will get your soon (I only roll 30 once for indoraptor, only 10 and sometimes 20… Picture how many nights hunting velo to hit 2k DNA :sweat_smile:)


Welcome to jurassic world alive end game, and indoraptor is one of the easiest uniques in game to create


So far I got mostly tens, one twenty and one thirty Lol


Yes it’s one of the easiest because the dino needed to create it are among the easiest to find : t-rex is global spawn (not specific to a zone) and velo was common at night. It’s a good goal for a first unique and a good reward because it’s really an apex dino