Indoraptor day + VIP


I’m not vip, but I’m tempted to sign up, the extra battery means I can have more time to collect indoraptor dna. I’m thinking I’ll need to get an average of 84 dna, assuming we get three attempts.

Do you guys think it’s a good strategy? If not I probably won’t sign up.


I’m going to practice on it a bunch until I get 80+ per attempt


Can you tell me exactly when I can restart the app during the catch?


Any time before the drone loading screen after telling you how much you got. Just be ready to close immediately in case you don’t like the amount you got. You should feel whether you did well or not though I’d imagine


I’m thinking you’ll need 8 perfect shots. Maybe reset when the 3 second countdown starts, if you don’t have that many.


Is going to be a painfull minigame ahhaah


I didn’t know you can go that late. Thanks!