Indoraptor destroying the Game and Price-Evolution

Dear Community,

I actually have two different questions though the second did not find an answer in a former thread.

I have always given the missions a high priority. Soon the quest will come, in which I should have an Indomino at level 31 and shortly after that even the Indoraptor. I am afraid that this will completely ruin my game because such strong dinos will break the balance of my rooster. You can see the rooster below (I’m Level 86). I’m getting along just fine with this one and can handle all competitions and the tournament relatively comfortably. Do you know if it makes a different if Indoraptor is Level 1 and not Level 10? It’s the same with Chromaspinos who I unlocked last tournament. I better don’t hatch him… :frowning:

How do you rate this? I am considering not doing any more missions until I can easily build dinosaurs of similar strength, which will certainly take months. Because with the high cooldowns, it will take even more of them than now.

Which brings me to the second question: are there even better rewards with stronger dinos? E.g. better legendary dinos in the daily events? Because otherwise there is really no reason to develop the Rooster up for the time being, is it?

This is especially true for the boss events: I kept a strong Omega and the other bosses very small. So Omega can easily do all events alone. If I make all bosses stronger now, the fights just get harder. I don’t have any of that, do I?

The only benefit I see is to improve the joy of gathering and “My Badges”. How do you see it?



So, there are two Indominus rex/Indoraptor Story Missions. The first one says to have a level 31 Indominus rex or an Indoraptor. A level 21 Indominus rex actually satisfies this Mission, so keep that in mind. The second one says have a level 40 Indominus rex or a level 11 Indoraptor. My advice is to put the Missions on hold until you feel comfortable making those creatures. Once you feel comfortable, take your Indominus rex to level 21 to satisfy the first Mission and then pause until you’re ready to proceed


Thank you for your opinion. Are you sure about the quests? My source says, that a Indomino Level 31 is needed (Mission 52.4). However, you are right, that the Indoraptor is not needed after that, allthough a bit later you seem to have to win with a T-Rex plus an Indoraptor in your team. So it seems to be meaningful to make a mission-brake just before evolving Indomino any further :slight_smile:

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Multiple players, including myself, have reported that a level 21 Indominus rex satisfies the requirement for the first Mission. No one has reported that Ludia has changed that.


To answer your other question, no rewards do not get better when using stronger creatures. The rewards that are based on your park level are the same across the band of levels that qualify regardless of how strong your roster is.

At least that is the case currently. I and others have advocated for an event or events that would force a player to use stronger and stronger creatures through an event to get increasing rewards but Ludia has not implemented such an event yet.

Until the above happens there is only personal satisfaction that comes along with increasing your rosters strength above VIP lvl 20 creatures because everything can be completed quite easily with a roster of that strength. The event rewards that I get at park lvl 99 are identical to another player with a park lvl of 99 regardless if they have only Indoraptors at lvl 1 vs my Indoraptors at lvl 40 and 30.


Thank you very much. I totaly understand your wish for the Event making any sense to strong dinosaurs. I guess the same is valid for the boss-fights?

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