İndoraptor DNA

how much indoraptor dna have you collected ? I’m 27 DNA

I got 36… Before it escaped.

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51 for me. Not to bad I guess.


crazy difficult! I only had 6 shots before he left. :unamused:

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At least it was surrounded by some friends…


That is one busy river.

And congrats, that’s more DNA than I ever got from him!

Wow… Blue scorpion. Where is that location??

Vienna “Tel Aviv Beach”

My husband is better at darting. He got 97 DNA. It was enough to level indoraptor to level 22.

I’m ok with this

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I got 55 at level 16 with vip, I got my son 37 at level 10 without vip… He didn’t get tail once… I got it 3 times! I swesr I see people with over a hundred and all I can think is either they’re super lucky or have some sort of aim assistance!

No pic but I was able to get 92 dna. My wife got 49.

I wasn’t fast enough to take a screenshot but I think I obtain 52 dna , pretty proud of myself. I’m at 64/250. now i need to upgrade vraptor and indominus to lvl 20 ( 18 and 18 for the moment)