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Indoraptor Dodge Bug 1.12?

My second battle after update and i had indo.

turn 1: my indo evasive instance and oppoment’s erlidom rampage. dodged ok.

turn 2: erlidom strike and run, dodged ok and erlidom swapped to quetzorion. my indoraptor cleanse impact to dodged zorion.

turn 3: indo dodge… where is it? :scream: visual gone. i thought it was visual glitch or dodge update i missed… and got fully damaged by zorion.

should dodge last 3 turns?

2 or 3 battles after, happened to my opponent. i was expecting a 3rd dodge turn but it was 2. then i finished that indo easily at 3rd.


I could be wrong, but I think any move that also results in your opponent swapping (regen & run, rampage & run etc.) counts as two turns instead of one.

couldn’t be. each turn i have my choice. this way i choosen once. the opponent stolen 1 turn of mine when running/swapping.

should this mechanics exist due to swap-in damage creatures like draco?

Yup, it’s likely because of the SIA. The SIA counts as a turn. It’s counted according to opponent turns while evasion is up, not your own turns (based on how shields work).

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I can confirm that. Indo G2 uses Cautious Strike (evasion 1 turn). Erlidom uses Strike & Run. Indo G2 will dodge the strike, and then be vulnerable against the Dracoceratops that gets swapped in. The description is slightly inaccurate–Evasive Stance will guard against 3 actions, not 3 turns

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great. the god of random give a player the chance of having a damage and run creature placed before a swap in damage one.

then the player has option to do 2 “actions” while other player 1.