Indoraptor finally

Finally I got her/him …


Yay! :+1::+1: I finally got mine last night–now I have no idea how to fight with her. :rofl:

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I’ve used it twice so far and the cloak/dodge thing did not work but it’s damage hits are impressive so think I’ll be using it like the idominis using the strikes and keeping the dodge as a last resort

Just got my velociraptor to level 19. I want that night fury so bad.

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The strikes are nice, but mine got stunned and I forgot it had cleanse. Big learning curve!

Oh yeah let’s hope we learn quick

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Congrats its awesome. difficult collect thousand Velocy for fuse him​:clap::+1:

Thanks it was the t-rex that was the worst to get I have a really healthy velociraptor spawn near me so getting it’s dna isn’t that much of a grind

It’ll probably take me close to a year to get that high, no Velociraptor spawns near me. :frowning:

Velociraptor only spawns at night for me :sunglasses:

Nice! Congrats… now you gotta give it a name!

I literally got mine last night as well! I got a really lucky 40 fusion and put me over the top by 10! Looks like Indraptor is in the air!

I’ve been coming up against the drowned rat all day, unfortunately need 6k plus of velociraptor before fuses…