Indoraptor fuses

Any bets on whether I have to wait until tomorrow for the Halloween raptors to finish unlocking Indo?

So far fuses have been averaging 20…

Yup, you’ll get a 10!

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Think positive thoughts … 30!

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i had 232 last night. did a fusion. got a 10! now i have to wait until raptors are out today so i can finally create it.

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I felt the same at 230, I got 20 and was extremely lucky! You never know!

Yep! Only a 10 folks! At least I know I have it today. It’s been a long grind being a F2P. It just makes it worth more when you do unlock things though!

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I’m ready… :sunglasses:

I had 227 and 1 chance to fuse. Got 30, so here is my Beast

Was in the same boat last night, got a 10 :frowning:


Finally got it today with 40 for the last fuse (making it an exact 20 average) plus a little juice towards level 22!

Got mine today and leveled her up once as well!

Now that ive created my indoraptor, everyone i battle against now have theirs leveled up beyond 21. theres no winning. lol